Clean Spirit Face/Head

  • Remember this medicine is safe to ingest or swallow. In the spirit asses can block the pain reliever ibuprofen from your face and head. I have found in order to clear and fix your face and mind. You need to put liquid ibuprofen from a gel capsule on the wrist, tongue, lips, ears, nose, and other parts of your body in the spirit. I use liquid ibuprofen from a capsule spread over the tongue, lips, nose, wrist, and Q-Tip your ears with liquid Advil from a broken pinned capsule it is strong enough to free your mind and soul. Please be careful not to get any in your eyes because it stings break open the capsule carefully. I poke open a liquid gel capsule with a pin then spread it over all the affected areas and put it on a Q-Tip lightly in your ears.

    To help put it on your tongue you can mix the liquid ibuprofen with honey and sugar to make it more pleasant,

    It is best to use a liquid ibuprofen capsule because using a tablet would just taste bad and is easy to spread over the skin.