All You Need To Know Before Heading For Ajanta Ellora Caves

  • India is that one country in the world which never fails to amaze you when it comes to historical sites. Wherever you go in India, you will get enough doses of history and mythology there. There are many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India and Ajanta-Ellora Caves in the state of Maharashtra are one of the most fascinating one. Apart from Ajanta-Ellora, if you are interested in exploring the glorious past of Maharashtra through historical and pilgrimage sites, then you can board the Deccan Odyssey luxury train and enjoy a blissful tour paired with royal treatment. But before you start your journey, you must know few things about Ajanta and Ellora visit.


    Why to visit?

    Ajanta Ellora Caves has always been a subject of interests to travellers as they are the real gems that speak of Indian history and extraordinary craftsmanship. Caves of Ajanta and Ellora tell you how amazingly beautiful can be the wall paintings, murals and structures carved out of rocks. There are total 64 rock-cut caves that you can spot at the sites of Ajanta and Ellora. This UNESCO World Heritage Site always remains on the bucket-list of foreign travellers.


    A brief history

    Ajanta Caves were painted and carved out of rocks back to the time from 2nd century BCE to 6th century CE. As per the findings of famous scholar Walter M. Spink, the caves were completed in two phases – Satavahana Period and Vakataka Period. Even some of the caves were never completed and left with just the primary construction works.


    Compared to Ajanta, Ellora Caves are younger and the series of temples and monasteries here were made between the time periods of 5th to 10th century CE. The whole lot of Ellora Caves can be broadly categorized into three parts – Jain Caves, Hindu Caves and Buddhist Caves. In the year 1983, these two places were clubbed together and declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


    Timings and Entry Fee

    Ajanta Caves remain open for public from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm all days except Mondays. Indian citizens have to pay Rs.10 per person to enter the site whereas foreign travellers need to pay Rs.250 per person as entry fee. There is no entry fee for children below the age of 15 years.


    You can visit Ellora caves starting from sunrise till sunset on every day of the week. Entry fees are same as Ajanta Caves. To take the camera inside Ellora Caves, you have to pay extra Rs.25 per camera.


    When to visit?

    Aurangabad district in Maharashtra doesn’t flash extreme weather except the hot summer days. June to March is the best time to explore the caves of Ajanta and Ellora. During Monsson, this region receives moderate to heavy showers. November to February is the best time to visit these historical sites.


    How to reach there?

    Aurangabad airport is about 100 km away from Ajanta-Ellora’s site. Jalgaon is the nearest railway station which is about 60 km far. You can book your train journey with the Deccan Odyseey luxury train to get the best of everything. There are frequent bus services from Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Mumbai for Aurangabad.