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    Hey guys. Recently I have retired from Runescape after many years of play, and am now on the look out for a new MMO to sink my teeth into. I tried WoW, however it failed to really grab my attention. Vanescula discovers that they are on the Vampyrium plane's version of the castle, and that the pylons are used to power the portal from Vampyrium and Gielinor.

    The player is given 10 mysterious jerky by Ivan and must now fight Lord Drakan while the Myreque calibrate pylons around the top of the tower. The fight has multiple stages; after each encounter, life points, prayer points, and your supply of mysterious jerky are all replenished. but if subtitles are messed up then I get distracted and wish I could turn them off and watch without. If it an mkv then I suppose I could, but I not quite that good with the Japanese language just yet.

    Once you have gone through the gate, you will encounter three Tz Kil (level: 103) again. After killing them, be ready for Ket Zek (level: 105) and two Tz Kek (level: 124). If you prefer, you may kill the Tz Keks first, and then the Ket Zek. ;) Two: because I waiting on C release since I think that probably be the best in terms of subbing quality. I not particularly bothered about video quality,

    Another way is to do quests! Vampire slayer, Demon Slayer, and Dragon Slayer all give you plenty of xp. Enjoy the higher positions of Runescape to the fullest Introduction As I have already explained this guide is for the experienced and high level players. I have composed this guide from over 2 years experience on the game and have decided to release this guide to you.

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