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  • What year did Ned Kelly become a bushranger?Ned Kelly, Australia's most famous bushranger, was quite osrs gold young when he turned to crime. He was twelve when his father died, and so he was subsequently required to leave school to take on the new position as head of the family. Shortly after this, the Kellys moved to Glenrowan. Kelly was apprenticed to notorious Victorian bushranger Harry Power at age 15,

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    which was in either 1869 or 1870 . Power took him on and taught him the finer points of bushranging. (MORE)What did Ned Kelly do?Ned Kelly was an Australian bushranger, and arguably one of the best known as he was said to nobly help out the poor (this is a myth). He formed the Kelly gang with his brother Dan Kelly,

    Steve Hart and Joe Bryne. Following the murder of police informer Aaron Sherritt on 27 June 1880 Ned Kelly's gang expected a large number of police to travel to Glenrowan by train. They tried to get the townsfolk to help lift the rail tracks to cause a derailment, hoping to kill a large number of the expected police. Not many townsfolk were willing to assist,

    and people were gradually rounded up and held in the Glenrowan Inn so that they could not warn the train. After several hours, the Kelly gang allowed the more trusted hostages to go home at nightfall, as the train was running late. Local schoolteacher Thomas Curnow was one of those released, and when he heard the approaching train in the early hours of June 28,

    he ran quickly to warn of the danger ahead. Wearing their famous armour, the Kelly brothers held a shootout with police. Several hostages were injured in the gun battle and two later died from gunshot wounds. The other Kelly Gang members were killed, and Ned was shot twenty eight times in the legs, which were unprotected by the armour. He survived to stand trial, and was sentenced to death by hanging, which occurred in Melbourne on 11 November 1880. (MORE)

    Was Ned Kelly a hero?It depends how you look at it really. hes like robin hood. stole from the rich and gave to the poor but stealing is wrong? its how you think. hero easy he stood up for what was right and what he believed in .On the contrary, Ned Kelly did not steal from the rich and give to the poor. He certainly didn't give the proceeds to the poor, but kept it for himself. He was a thief and a murderer,

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