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  • In the face of climate change, scientists often focus on the harmful effects of greenhouse gas emissions, but new research runescape 2007 gold shows that tropical deforestation triggers global changes that are just as costly as carbon pollution.Clearing trees not only releases carbon into the atmosphere, adding to the greenhouse gas effect, but also alters rain patterns and increases temperatures worldwide.


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    This distorts Earth's normal wind and water systems and puts future agricultural productivity at risk. "Most people know that climate change is a dangerous global problem, and that it's caused by pumping carbon into the atmosphere. But it turns out that removing forests alters moisture and air flow, leading to changes from fluctuating rainfall patterns to rises in temperatures that are just as hazardous, and happen right away."

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    Most people might think that this only impacts tropical places like South America, which is home to the expansive Amazon rainforest. However, researchers say that these findings even apply to the United Kingdom and Hawaii, which could see an increase in rainfall, while less rain would fall in the US Midwest and Southern France.

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