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  • Xanthean 1 point submitted 1 month agoI not entirely sure why it a problem that "not enough" people rs gold are buying now, given the stock delays and shortages.I also not sure why anyone thinks it a problem for nvidia that someone is buying a 1080ti rather than a 2080ti, especially given their stock surplus. Buying an AMD is a bigger downgrade than a 2080ti upgrade.


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    That a great link, thanks for the source. It was mentioned that it had worked for some, but it wasn conclusive. I not saying to jump onto the holistic health bandwagon, I just think it not a bad alternative for certain situations from personal experience. I no doctor, though.

    Edit: I also like to add that there studies being done on garlic extracts for treating high levels of candida. They are providing a bases of stats so they can use them in more studies in the future. Though there is nothing conclusive yet, the fact that they are continuing this research means that there is potential for the use of extracts. Maybe shoving garlic up there isnt a great idea, but this might be worth it for those who have had reactions to OTC meds, like me.

    Like dude, we're strangers. If being rude to a stranger makes your day, then what a sad and pathetic life.The elevator broke down at the elderly residence we worked at, and during that time there was a loud musical performance happening on the main floor. My coworker got stuck in that elevator, alone, and she claustrophobic.

    Naturally, she started to yell and bang on the doors thinking no one could hear her due to the music, and then it dropped to the basement floor where the doors would open up. Upon hearing all the screaming, I FLEW down the stairs to meet her and see if she was alright and met with her and the director (who was also an RN) trying to calm my coworker down,

    as she was hyperventiling. She kept claiming that she was having a heart attack, but the director kept ensuring her that it was just a panic attack and had her lay down until her son came to get her. Fast forward a few hours later, she still has chest pain and pressure, so her son takes her to the hospital.

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