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  • He displaced the young team of Chris Carlin, Maggie Gray and Bart Scott. CMB was embarrassed, while runescape 2007 gold Boomer and Gio were peeved at Francesa's disrespect. Sources said, in private meetings after Francesa's return was official, all five of the other hosts agreed they would say their piece on the air and move on.

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    But the discomfort level stretched all the way from FAN's Manhattan studios to Francesa's home dock in Long Island.Francesa's app has been widely written about. While no official numbers are known or have been reported, Francesa has claimed to have more than 800 subscribers for his $8.99 per month service.

    "I knew it was going to be uncomfortable, but maybe it's been more uncomfortable than I thought," Francesa said a couple of weeks ago. "Probably has been."Francesa, 64, has been more cranky on the air especially in recent weeks. He has pressure on him, as in the latest rating week recorded he lost to ESPN New York's Michael Kay Show, 6.6 6.0, in the coveted men 25 54 age range, according to sources.

    Ratings books are fully judged in three month periods. In the first month, Francesa beat Kay, 6.3 5.5. Francesa having never lost a ratings book to Kay's team, and with FM and AM dials, as well as Kay being on YES diverting eyes and ears still remains the clear favorite, but it is now a ballgame.

    Francesa has been shouting for attention. He has gone after a media columnist, been feisty with new Mets general manager Brodie Van Wagenen and blasted his colleagues, most notably Giannotti. He extended that to Carlin, who once was his producer, but whom Francesa felt sided with Chris Russo when Mike the Mad Dog divorced.

    Francesa doesn't have many of his facts straight. He said on the air that Giannotti and Carlin had a fight in the station's parking lot, when, in fact, they only exchanged words.The team of Bart Scott, Chris Carlin and Maggie GrayRobert Sabo Carlin, though, sources said, is sensitive to any perception that the program isn't making strides.

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