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  • Only certain prisoners wear the Stripped Outfits which look like Pyjamas. People wore these were runescape 2007 gold called Kapos. Kapos were like assistants to the SS Guards who ran the concentration camps. If you were a Kapo, you would more likely working where the SS had the "Selection Process". Kapos speeded up these processes


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    It depends on the skill of the individual archer, as well as the style of archery being used. Target archers, for example often choose to use an open stance, while bowhunters are often forced to use whatever stance happens to be best suited to their circumstances.


    What is the best way for a 14 year old to shoot a basketball such as proper form stance follow through etc?

    In Target Archery, the archer begins by standing so she/he faces 90 degrees to the side of the target (with one side of their body facing the target). The difference between an open stance and a closed stance, is that in an open stance the leading foot (left foot when shooting right handed, right foot when shooting left handed; it is "leading" because it closest to the target) is pointed towards the target. In a closed stance, the leading foot points the same direction as the other foot.

    An open stance is used by most target archers, because it is seen as more stable and gives more string clearance. Some of the best target archers in the world shoot with very open stances, but just slightly open is can be good enough.For anyone to shoot the best way is to practice. I know you probably hear that all the time, but its true.

    The form you can practice is: start out with the ball in front of your stomach in a crouched position. Then take the ball and bring it up to your chest. Now roll the ball off your fingertips about maybe 3 or 4 ft. in the air. You should get a nice backspin on it if you do it right. Practice this form and each time do it a little faster until it is a flowing motion.

    Now when you go to shoot square up to the basket and be sure to follow through. (My annoying gym teacher would say, "Reach into the cookie jar.") When you shoot it you probably wont get that backspin, in fact its really hard to. So don't worry about the spin when you shoot. Proper way how to shoot with a basketball at age 14? Age dosent really matter.

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