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    In addition, when the bible directly names historical rulers (like Cyrus the great),the events around them seem to be accurate albeit slightly embellished to make them look better.So these two items coupled together tend to give the bible a good reputation amongst Christians in my opinion.thestonedturtle 1 point submitted 1 month agoEverything is speculation at this point but the general idea is he used his position at jagex to access accounts

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    You really never have to worry about gp later in the game except for things like cons/herb. If you want a b ring you don save up and go to ge. You get to camp Rex and get it in 5 kc or get it in 200.I got to the point on my main where I could start pvming, but it didn appeal to me because I could just buy the item from the ge it didn matter if I got it from the boss.

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