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  • I live in York pa in a mobile home park . I own my home and rent the land. The shut off valve to my buy osrs gold water broke and had to be replaced. The park replaced but when the water was turned on it caused a pipe under my kitchen sink to separate. We had to turn water off until next day to fix the pipe in.


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    Check out some similar questions!Is it legal for a mobile home park to shut water off for repairs and keep it off for [ 2 Answers ]How can I incresse my water pressure I'm in a trailer park and we are on a well [ 4 Answers ]There is 12 trailers here and about half have bad water pressure. What can I do

    Water leaking out of my dependable 92 when the ac is on. I changed all the drip tubes [ 2 Answers ]Water is leaking out of my dependable 92 when the ac is on. I changed the drip tubes but it continues to leakNo hot water in the bath tubes but works every where else [ 1 Answers ]I am a first time home owner and not all too familiar with plumbing.

    We really don't care about monsters and stuff; we want to harass and kill other players (and each other). That's just more fun. He's on a PC, I'm on a mac, we both have fast connections and decent machines . we tried the free version of Wolfenstein, and while I enjoy killing nazis, his blowing me up with grenades got old after awhile. Any suggestions?

    Can we be pirates or ninjas on World of Warcraft? Or, like, cowboys? Cause those things are all really cool. I wish there were a massive pirates RPG, that would be the best. Also: it can't be super expensive because we've got, like, bills to pay and stuff.posted by luriete to Computers Internet (17 answers total)I don't really think that Puzzle Pirates sounds like it's what he's looking for.

    less if you have some parts like drives or power supplies lying around.If posted by trevyn at 9:52 PM on May 6, 2005Diablo II is a pretty keen action RPG with the option of PvP, available for both Windows and Mac, and pretty cheap, too. ($19.99 retail) No subscription fees, either. On the down side, I'm under the impression that killing monsters is more of the focus than pkilling.Alternately, the original Diablo is cheaper, and is less deep. And you can grab a free demo of it from Blizzard.

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