Working In College: What Are The Pros And Cons?

  • Working in college has its share of pros and cons. Students in college work in part-time for various reasons. A majority of students take up a job to afford the many expenses of their job. Some of its distinguished pros and cons are:


    ·        You Can Be Self-Sufficient

    When you are in college, you have to bear with the many different expenses that include college fee, living and transportation expense, recreation costs, and tuition bills. With a job, you are able to pay for all these expenses.

    ·        You Get The First-Hand Experience Of Work

    When you work in college, you are able to get a practical experience of work. You can build soft skills and develop social interaction that will help you once you get a full-fledged job after graduation.

    ·        You Keep Busy

    Working is the best way you can stay busy in college. This is particularly applicable for foreign students who find it difficult to live without their family.

    ·        You Learn About Real World

    When you enter the job world, you begin to learn the different attitudes of people with whom you share your work. So it is a kind of learning that helps you learn the different aspects of life and people.

    ·        You Build Valuable Professional Contacts

    Professional networking is essential to build a lucrative career and a job is what introduces you to the world of professionals.

    ·        You Can Learn The Intricacies Of Corporate World

    Working early in the college phase helps you learn the complexities of a job and what it means to work in a corporate world. For a student, it provides a starting point to learn the many facets of corporate life.

    ·        You Can Travel Different Places

    A working student has to commute daily to reach their office which means they spend a part of their day in travel. This is an advantage for students who have come to a country and want to learn about its different places.

    ·        You Meet With New People

    When you are a working student, you meet new people every day. The interaction with new people enriches your experience and makes you aware of the different types of people.


    ·        Deprivation Of Time For Study

    Working in college deprives you of sufficient time to spend on your study. Since you a chunk of your time goes into the job, it becomes difficult for you to give time to studies which in turn affect your grades.

    ·        It Causes Stress

    College students who work in part-time tend to develop higher stress levels than those who don’t work. The residual effects of stress and they often look tired and exhausted which have negative repercussions on their studies.

    ·        Lack Of Time To Socialize

    When college students take up a job, it becomes difficult for them to give any time to their social life. So they have to make excuses to decline every invitation from their friends and acquaintances.

    ·        It Is Too Demanding

    Being in college means you have to fulfill the demands of your professor and meet the expectations of your boss. Living such a life can be too demanding for someone as young as a college student.

    ·        Degree-Job Incompatibility

    Many students get a job in haste without thinking about the relevancy of their profession with their degree. Due to financial pressures, they don’t give much a thought to their choice of career and grab any job that comes their way.

    ·        You Can’t Manage Your Projects

    Since you are doing a job, you struggle with managing different projects and you have to go the extra mile to catch up with the pace of your multiple projects. Often, students fail to give their best due to lack of time which in turn results in poor grades.

    These are some of the pros and cons of working while in college. Hope the information educates you to make the right decision according to your preferences.

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