Awakening as myself and introduction!

  • Hello everyone I'm Soul and, likely you do not remember me but! After a lot I really would like to reconnect with others and I would love to hyper charge any excellent energies *giggles* we have going on.

    ALRIGHT! So pretty much I'm just letting words spill out at this point and.. BEING AT LEAST TO SOME DEGREE THOUGHTFUL.. I figure perhaps blogging might be something interesting I can do to express, experience and also share my thoughts with you all! Merhaps thy may find something of use or at the least! I am passionate to be friends and even receive !YOU! ^0^


    Today's entry is primarily personal! In fact likely.. They most are! Let's see this could be fun!

    I had received such a lovely deck of spirit cards (Tarot) from my most lovely sister and favorite magician! After so much longing and crying OH GOD I WANT A DECK SO bad.. Well, I practically begged her for them.. Well, actually, I pretty much just picked them up and told her, "these are mine now." Actually, that is literately what I did. To which she bubbly agreed. What do you think?! I should do something nice for her in return no? ANYWAY..

    Besides finding the deck hyper-insightful... I'm trying to focus in on my intelligent and love center and balance with the wee wops and the wee woops of all this INCREDIBLE Polarity, balance between the hardships is a tight-rope walk and I'm tending on keen to dip a little from sanity to down right lame. If at all anything I wanted to express, which surely is COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE.. Polarities are a fundamental moving force in where I'm finding where I belong. OH! I have become increasing aware of the influence I am having on others lives and also the way I am "mixing together" in my relationships *giggles* and how they are changing me. I'VE BALLED MY EYES OUT these past few days, I'm grateful to receive your sympathies and offer a kind shoulder BY THE WAY. *ahm* So.. Uh.. *scratches my head* That's right! I am hopeful and requesting fortune I will blend EXCELLENTLY in the community with everyone here and things run soft, sweet and smoothly with only the most delightful hiccups.

    Lovelovelove okay bye!

    Side note: Friends wanted, friendship offered. <3