It's often better not to FIFA 19 Coins

  • In reality, it's often better not to FIFA 19 Coins engage with someone, especially if you're in a location where you understand the probability of being found are couple and you might easily see someone coming. Not to mention, if you are in the right zone so that you don't have to be outside the play area any time soon. In these cases, you can just lie down and not do anything.

    In 1 match, I had no weapons at all and just drove around for many minutes, running within a few people, and still managed to enter top 20. This will make the game feel boring at times, especially in the beginning once the map is enormous and you do not see someone for Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins several moments depending upon where you landed. Still, if you are able to make to the top 10, things do become considerably more exciting, as you get started hearing gun fire around you everywhere and know folks are shutting in.

    One issue with the mobile variant is it can be a bit difficult to see opponents on the phone's screen. That thing in the space could be an enemy pointing their sniper rifle at you or only a harmless plant. Half the time you don't even notice enemies till they are inside shotgun shooting distance of you.

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