Maplestory M is slowly becoming less pay2win

  • More than 15 years later it was initially released, Maple M Mesos is finally coming to mobile devices as MapleStory M. The sport is a faithful remake of Nexon's 2D MMO launch, also pre-registration is available now on Google Play. Pre-registration will reward players with a number of exclusive rewards, in addition to a telling once the game is released.

    This generally signals the game is due for release soon, although it's been available in certain countries since the start of the week. The name has already soft launched in Canada, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, and New Zealand, so if you are in one of these countries you can download the game straight away.

    Although its prevalence has died down in the past few years, Nexon continued to release updates into the game over 10 years following its release. MapleStory M represents a continuation of the series, and will likely gain thousands and thousands of players on nostalgia alone.

    The visuals are virtually identical to the original launch (MapleStory 2 still hasn't seen a global launch ), and gameplay has been accommodated to touch display devices, with an auto button to speed things up like in other mobile MMOs.

    It is possible to pre-register now by clicking the button below. As more people around the planet pre-register, the rewards grow, so go tell your friends! If you've already downloaded the sport, let's hear your first impressions in the comments.

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