Connect MapleStory to your MapleStory M accounts

  • Maple are still intending to proceed forward with the reimbursement for the shift in the Leaf exchange rate.The implementation of the reimbursement was not tied into buy MaplestoryM Mesos maintenance that was completed earlier today.

    There is a possibility, however, that there might be a slight delay in the change taking effect because we are focused on fixing the connectivity problems which have been impacting MapleStory. As soon as Maple have an update on the execution schedule Maple will let you understand immediately.Easy-to-implement ways to earn more maplestory2 coins.

    Legitimate players can't realistically make more than 3000 maplestory2 coins during the function. If one wants 6000 maplestory2 mesos (for 5 Primes of each kind), one has to buy a good deal of leaves, and 99 percent of the industry supply for leaves stems from bots.

    Here are a number of procedures which I think should be quite simple to execute, even in time to get tomorrow.Existing sources: Boxes: Boost the limitation of coins per day from boxes. Also raise the possibilities of obtaining coins, or the amount of coins per box (to stop botters from having an edge over legits by being able to farm more boxes).

    Festival: Increase the limit of items obtainable per shower. Or raise the frequency of showers. Quests: Raise the amount of coins given by quests (Scholarly Shroom, Developer Letters, etc). Don't forget to provide the extra maplestory2 coins to people who've already completed the quests.

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