Old School RuneScape interview: looking back at the development

  • That the game that started as a java browser game would become an app on Android and iOS is something that they certainly did not expect. "The game will be eighteen next year and we want to Buy RS Gold give people a game with as much accessibility as possible," John tells us. "The people who grew up with RuneScape are now in a completely different phase of life and are much busier, a mobile game still offers the solution to play ". The secret of RuneScape according to John? A clear vision of what Jagex wants to achieve and do not deviate from it. The game still has the same weekly updates and changes are implemented through the 75% booster system.

    For Old School RuneScape this was a very thoughtful move, there is no reason to think why you would not download the game. The game has remained almost identical to OSRS Gold our nostalgic memories. The best thing about it is the actual portability that people have been thinking about.