Rune Scape: MMORPG Online Game with the Most Players in the Wor

  • If you pick someone on the street and ask him what MMORPG is the most popular online game in the world, the most likely answer is World of Warcraft. The answer is wrong, but it's not unreasonable. As far as the influence of game culture is concerned, World of RuneScape Gold Warcraft is the king of MMORPG online games. But when it comes to the number of players, it's not number one. Although World of Warcraft broke through 100 million players at its peak in 2014, it is still slightly inferior to Jagex's free game Rune Scape. As of July 2017, when the Guinness World Records awarded RuneScape the title of "Most Players'MMORPG Online Game", RuneScape had 254,994,744 players. If Rune Scape is a country, it will become the fifth largest country in the world.

    Come on, other MMORPG players. I hope you can break this record one day. But that's impossible. Another world record kept by RuneScape is "the most updated game in the history of MMORPG online games". RuneScape has been running for 20 years to Buy OSRS Gold attract new players through regular updates. In fact, it is older than almost all major MMORPG online games. Although there are no veterans of Endless Tasks and Genesis, neither of them is as up-to-date as Rune Scape.

    "Rune Scape" is a web game that starts with a dog, equipped entirely by beating.Sorry World of Warcraft, you may have more cultural influence, but as far as player size is concerned, Rune Scape can beat you effortlessly.