Business Wire Release: Nexon America 2

  • MapleStory 2 is introducing its PvP mode with the Maple Arena, the best one-on-one clash in three, so players show off their skills and gain brand new PvP accessories. To fill the gap for MapleStory 2 Mesos Maplers who are trying to reach the previously released Hard Chaos Raids, new Normal Chaos Raids have been added and the Hard Adventure Dungeons have been adjusted to help players properly equip themselves for the ultimate Chaos Raids challenge!
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    To commemorate the upgrade, MapleStory 2 will be hosting a Skybound Celebration event where Maplers from level 10 who connect during the first month of the MS 2 Mesos update will receive 30 elixirs, 30 master potions, and a Level Up Booster Ticket), which reinforces combat, performance and fishing experience. As players reach level 60, they can get additional items, including a leveling potion, which immediately takes a character to level 50, and more epic rewards.

    With the update, festive holiday season events hit the Maple world. Players can enter Merry Village and get numerous special prizes.