The first mage of MapleStory 2 , because of being questioned, t

  • In the distant era, there were a lot of high-playing trends leading the way, fighting with the sky, fighting with the version, and planning, leaving a paragraph of legend... "Don’t be obsessed with MapleStory 2 Mesos brother, brother is just a legend" and the legend will be slowly Is the world forgotten?

    Forgetting is impossible. The younger brother who graduated from "Archaeology" will dig a big god story for everyone every week, let everyone feel the legend of those god-level players!

    When it comes to Shanda, many players will think of two games, "The Legend of Blood" and "MapleStory 2." "The Legend of Blood" opened the era of online games in China, and "Adventure Island" set off a 2D side-scrolling game style in China.

    At that time, "MapleStory 2" became the "Warcraft" in 2D games with MS 2 Mesos its unique gameplay and cute style, becoming one of the most popular online games in China at that time.