Madden Ultimate Team | Ghosts of Madden Past Legends Revealed

  • Friday’s edition to your month-long Zero Chill program saw six Legends repackages within Ghosts of Maddens Past, while EA also released arguably one with the best bundles currently to Buy Madden NFL Overdrive Coins round out a hefty drop.

    All six from the Legends clock in at 96 overall, the highest up to now in Madden Ultimate Team, and represent the most beneficial options at their respective positions. And for making things more intriguing, EA dropped arguably one from the best bundles up to now, complete having a rotating group of “featured” options similar towards the uber-popular “Blitz” program released following Thanksgiving.

    Running back Eddie George commences the batch of Madden Overdrive Coins previously released Legends, as teased by EA on Thursday.