RuneScape's official legacy servers 'a serious part' of busines

  • Jagex then released Legacy Mode, based about the 2007 version with the now-15-year-old game. While this option was introduced with the majority of players' insistence, Kemp described the "rivalry" that persists between those devoted for the legacy servers and people who choose to Buy OSRS Gold learn the overhauled version of RuneScape. That's corroborated by fan threads on forums like Reddit following Old School RuneScape's launch, with players decrying the production as a developmental setback.

    Despite some dissent from both players and developers alike, Kemp wrote, Old School RuneScape is becoming what he called "a serious part of Jagex's business." The legacy server hit thousands of players eight months after its launch, the corporation confirmed in October 2013.

    Kemp updated those numbers, stating that "we have witnessed just in need of RuneScape Gold seven million players signing in with over two and also a half million becoming members." Although he describes some roadblocks experienced through the development staff since Legacy Mode's release — including "community tribalism" and divided opinions of fans and developers alike for the existence with the feature — he ultimately concludes how the officially run legacy servers are actually a boon on the long-running game.