Former EA exec Patrick Söderlund’s new studio just opened

  • Games today tend to be built around one layer. You run around and you simply shoot people, or you play soccer. What if you might have 10 abstraction layers of MapleStory 2 Mesos simulation inside game the spot where you could opt to become a farmer, or enter politics, or join the military, or maybe a professional athlete, inside that world? These are a number on the questions that happen to be within my head. As I started pondering those, together with many with the people I’m working with, I realized who's’s ambitious, and almost naive, but I think you must go down that option to complete something extraordinary.

    Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney says it’s “very rare” just for this company to obtain included inside a venture so early, but it surely was sold that has a combination of Söderlund’s broad vision as well as the experience. Prior to joining EA, he was CEO of MS2 Mesos Battlefield developer DICE.

    Once EA acquired DICE in 2006, Söderlund stayed on MS 2 Mesos and steadily rose through the ranks, becoming among the corporation’s top executives together with times EA’s most public face, currently through some troubled stretches. “We would like to construct this future,” Mahoney says of Embark’s plans.