Nexon's Darkness Rises to strong concentrate on 10 million down

  • EMERYVILLE, Calif. - August 2 - Darkness Rises, Nexon's high fidelity third-person action role playing game (RPG) on cell phones, is downloaded a lot in excess of 10 million times since its launch on June 20. Players worldwide have descended to the overall game's dark fantasy universe to Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos experiment with the console-quality, high-definition visuals and fast and fluid combat to Buy Maplestory M Mesos and fight monstrous creatures and viscous bosses.

    "The success of Darkness Rises is usually a testament to your overall game's high fidelity graphics and high-impact combat setting another bar for console quality gaming experiences on mobile," said Lawrence Koh, General Manager at MapleStory 2 Mesos available for sale .

    "Darkness Rises gives players the choice have fun with what they have to like top in games, whether its embarking round the single player storyline, engaged in PvP or teaming program friends in Raids. We're excited to carry on and flourish the gameplay experience to challenge players in new ways for the long time through new story quests, features and modes, characters, epic bosses, in-game events and much more."