Crossover Event With Sword Art Online

  • Nexon's giving Sword Art Online and MapleStory Online fans the cabability to mix things up - literally - by playing by way of the new  SAO themed dungeon. Playres can modify into Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos Kirito, Asuna and Leafa and fight using skills like The Eclipse and Star Splash.

    They'll arrive at test their mettle against SAO enemies like Maplestory Mobile Mesos , The Skull Reaper and The Fatal Scythe. Players taking place in the crossover event will earn special medals along with a new familiar. The SAO crossover also can also include the cash shop where SAO themed items like hair, outfits, and facial styles are going to be available.

    For further specifics from the SAO dungeon, check out Buy MS 2 Mesos 's official website At MMOAH