MapleStory Pocket Review - Nexon's transmitter is not as exciti

  • Nexon's Pocket MapleStory was reborn on the mobile platform after long years of MapleStory 2 Mesos seclusion. Although still familiar with the Chibi style, some new features do not "support" the game completely.

    Evaluation of MapleStory Pocket - Nexon's successor is not as attractive as expected - photo 1 MapleStory Pocket Review - Nexon's successor is not as compelling as expected - photo 2

    Pocket MapleStory is a mobile game that has been set up by longtime fans of Nexon because it is a MapleStory transmission on the PC that once famously appeared. Pocket MS inherits the familiar gameplay, small chibi character images and super cute "monsters" that make a strong impression in the Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos poster and attractive prizes, filled every day. However, the game still has lots of features because some of the game's features cannot fully support characters such as: Auto or D-pad round virtual keys. Features of character classes do not match.