Complete the various Maplestory 2 stages and rewards

  • The goal will be to complete the various Maplestory 2 stages, or get as far towards the school as you're able before time gets outdated! Fight the right path over the many classes and making use of their face down Mori Ranmaru.

    After completing each room's challenge, it is possible to be awarded Oda Coins.Oda Coins enables one to purchase items from Maplestory M Sagacious Goemon inside homeroom. You can check the of the MapleStory 2 Mesos item by checking shop in the school.

    Visit Maplestory M Sagacious Goemon and find the Sengoku School Bag for just a random item like effect coupons, chairs, scrolls, potions, and many volume of harm whilst still using a defense that's slight that you do not get 1 strike. You have the opportunity to take a couple of quest simultaneously. Because of this, you may want to acquire the most from Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos your time and energy throughout that duration.

    Just in loyalty points could be re-assign to become able to meet up with certain requirements. There's a lot players need to understand, and we're here to support.