Get XP Award from Runescape Smouldering Lamps

  • Runescape fans be aware! As we know, Runescape Menaphos may be launched already. At this time, you may get XP award to take pleasure from your gold city trip! Smouldering Lamps can be obtained from 00:00 UTC on 7th June until 23:59 UTC on 12th June.     

    You have to stock up on smouldering lamps and light-weight a fire through your XP gains. In this way, you may get XP award just like an ordinary lamp. Smouldering lamps may convert approximately the same number of Bonus XP into regular XP, which implies you'll gain from OSRS Gold immediately.    Use your smouldering lamps on skills which you've got an abundance of Bonus XP in to obtain the most from them.  You can get cheap rs gold on MMOAH to have XP award from Runescape Smouldering Lamps!   

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