9 Stunning Indoor Decoration for New Year


    The onset of the new year is one of the most exciting times of the year. But as you get over with all the fun dinners and partying, you will find not only your energy levels to be deflated but your home interiors can also start to look drab.

    To deal with this challenge, revamping your space by spending abundantly is not a wise choice. So instead you can take inspirations from the mind-blowing ideas enlisted below for rejuvenating the look and feel of your home interiors without making a dent in your pocket.

    Here are some spectacular inspirations that you can use for revamping your home this new year. Just take a look.

    • Create a Lowered Reading Room with Walls of Glass – This design consists of three rows (all-round the room) starting from the ceiling downwards, for building up your library. The room should have glass walls for creating the right ambience and for setting in the right mood to read. Such a design will give you ample opportunity to read and store your books as much as you want and also you can get a view of the outside world for introspecting after a good read.

    • Use Layer Rugs – You should not just limit your rugs to one when you can have three. The layer rugs are available in varying colours and textures. They enhance the visual interest of the floor, as well.

    • Refresh the Paints – If you coat just one room or even just one wall with a compelling and vibrant colour, it will breathe new life into your home. You can use the colours of your choice to give your walls a fresh feel. For example, if turquois is your favourite colour, you can conjure up images of tropical waters that can give a fresh look and feel to your place. The wallpapers can be easily popped up. If you have sufficient pattern in the room, you can add texture and shimmer with glass beads or crystal embedded papers.

    • Enliven Your Wall Décor – Hanging few pictures is not just the only way to rejuvenate your wall décor. You can paint a bold pattern on the walls using the stick-on flower stars or a geometric decal. It is guaranteed that no one will ever notice your décor when you have such a bold wall.

    • Turn the Lights On –The holiday season is often the time of prolonged lightshow. You can translate that trend by using the portable trend for illuminating the dark and dreary area in your space. This will uplift the atmosphere without a lot of effort from your side. You should incorporate different types of kinds of lighting for achieving this effect. Go for the floor lamps and the table lamps and both the upward and the downward lights in order to create a balance among the different forms of lighting.

    • Create a Nook for Breakfast – You do not require an actual nook for this. Rather you just want a window. For this you can just add a small bistro table and chair in front of it. Then you can place a patterned rug underneath it. To decorate it further you can also hang a pendant and you are all set.

    • Opt for a Styled-Up Bedside Table – The clutter can give a bad sleep and hence this area should be kept minimalistic. You should keep whatever you need but nothing else. Store the essential things like a bottle of water, a good bedside lamp and a book and whatever else you need. See to it that the table has drawers in order to store some private stuff.

    • Hang an Outsized Mirror at the Entryway – You can enhance your already bold entryway with an oversized and giant mirror. You should keep it sleek and simple and also opt for cool colour or shape. This is bound to impress your guests in a great way.

    • Try the Natural Touches - The most restorative and beautiful interior accents are found in nature and the traditions of lacing the balustrades, mantels and the doors emerge from there. For the new year, you can replace the poinsettia and the pine with the generous groupings of just one type of fresh flowers. Opt for silk arrangements for a more permanent solution. You can find them in lovely containers ranging from glass to alabaster and they are all indistinguishable from the real thing.

    Apart from the above, you can also opt for chair hire in London in order to enhance your seating arrangements especially for get-togethers and family reunions in the new year. You can take and implement any or all of the interior decoration tips above for revamping your abode this new year so that you can mark the commencement of new beginnings and feel completely powered up to take the world in your stride.