Path Of Exile Resource #17 - Voidwalker Unique Item Review

  • Voidwalker in Path Of Exile is really a unique two of murder boots that after equipped grants the player nearly 50 dexterity attribute points, around 180 percent increased evasion as well as shield rating, 30 % increased movement speed, 20 % chance to avoid projectiles while phasing, the initial modifier "you have phasing in case you have killed recently", as well as the unique modifier "projectiles pierce while phasing". This unique includes a maximum evasion rating of 483 along with a maximum energy shield rating of 66 if all POE Currency armorer's scraps are already applied to your unique. This unique has never changed as it's original introduction into the experience in September of 2016.

    Item Usefulness Information - This unique is ideal for range based character builds that utilize piercing projectile attacks of their main build setups. The as much as 50 increased dexterity points granted through the unique works towards all character classes, given it can help ease attribute requirements on gear and grant a smaller bonus towards accuracy and evasion rating. The nearly 180 percent increased evasion as well as shield is negligible, unless your character build is dedicated to scaling evasion rating when your primary method of obtaining defense against enemies. The 30 % increased movement speed granted from the unique pays to with regard to builds that cannot use whirling blades because their main movement skill of their build setup all of which will mainly utilize visiting get from area to area. The unique modifier "20 % chance to avoid projectiles while phasing" is amazing for evasion based character builds. This will make enemies projectiles attacks have less of any chance to hit you, which can be a definitive increase to defenses. The unique modifier "you have phasing in case you have killed recently" works in tandem with all the previous modifier, and is particularly incredibly useful given it means that you may almost always have the phasing buff in case your character build carries a sufficient clear speed. The final unique modifier "projectiles pierce while phasing" is usually a damage output boost for builds that utilize and scale their main damage with pierce inside their build setups. This unique modifier could help you save from requiring you to invest in a very pierce support gem and many passive skill tree points, and works incredibly well with all the Drillneck unique, because the Drillneck unique grants increased projectile damage based in your arrow pierce chance. The best character class to choose when determining to fully utilize maximize damage output using this type of unique would be the Ranger. The best ascendancy class to decide on when opting to go Ranger will be the Deadeye. The Deadeye's Powerful Precision notable passive skill states "projectiles have totally additional possiblity to pierce targets for the start of their movement, losing this chance since the projectile travels farther", "attack projectiles return to you personally after hitting targets", and "projectile critical strike chance increased by arrow pierce chance". This works in tandem with all the Voidwalker unique, given it means that this downside of losing pierce chance because projectile travels further is very neglected, since you'll have one hundred pc pierce chance while phasing. Due on the fact that your particular arrow pierce chance is one hundred pc while phasing, it implies that your critical strike chance are going to be greatly enhanced. You cannot take advantage of this unique inside the early stages of the sport, as it's level requirement is level 69. In the late stages of the experience, this unique is often a great defensive and offensive item because of it's unique modifiers, which is likely the most beneficial in slot item for evasion based character builds that utilize and scale their main damage with pierce currently. When you Buy POE Orbs from MMOAH, you find out the process is very simple. On MMOAH you will find the best supplier who are guaranteed to send product fast against the best prices.