The Showdown Against the Black Mage Begins Now in MapleStory

  • MapleStory has launched one last chapter with the war utilizing the sport’s long-awaited villain, the Black Mage. The most anticipated clash event in Maple history brings two brand-new Tenebris areas, a tome duel against Black Mage’s leading Commander Verus Hilla, in addition for the monumental battle with the Black Mage himself.
    Players level 200 if not more with MapleStory 2 Mesos completed the 5th job advancement can access the Labyrinth of Suffering, Tenebris’ second area. At the end inside quest, players will discover Verus Hilla, one in regards to the Black Mage’s leading Commanders, looking to combat. Limina, Tenebris’ final area, is obtainable too as players must keep up with all the Tenebris expedition escape dangerous situations inside to execute the Journey of Destiny.
    In addition, every class will receive a forward thinking 5th job skill to cope together with the Black Mage the same as soon because Maple Alliance gathers Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos enough Determination to power the Spark of Determination, all from the way war breaks loose being the highly anticipated Black Mage Boss Battle may be available. With the Black Mage’s HP being shared across all worlds, MapleStory players within the planet must come together within this particular epic battle to finally defeat the Black Mage.