Unleash Your Wild, Sexy & Powerful YOU in 28 Days!

  • The Magical Goddess Journey 

    Unleash Your Wild, Sexy & Powerful YOU in 28 Days.

    Revel In Your Sacred Feminine Power.


    ❖ The Magical Goddess Book (Part 1 — 138 pages): I Share My Raw Authentic Journey That Unleashed My Power As A Woman

    In the Magical Goddess Book I share a journey that began as my quest to unlock the Wild Goddess inside me, and quickly grew to a journey that unfolds in every woman — how to be free, powerful, and completely and unabashedly womanly.

    It is an invitation to uncover the Wild Goddess you know that waits inside to be unleashed, and I hope every woman travels this journey.

    ❖  The Magical Goddess Companion Guide (Part 2 — 94 pages): Each Day For 28 Days I Guide You To Explore, As I Did, What It Is To Be A Woman

    My true story is more than an inspirational journey — I include my companion guide in which each day for 28 days I walk beside you, offering prompts, questions, and exercises. You get to explore as I did what it is to be a woman, a deep-dive inquiry. You uncover and revel in your sacred feminine inner power.

    You write your explorations in this guided printable journal. As you explore your Woman Self, this becomes YOUR journal, YOUR adventure into your wild side, and YOUR new story that YOU get to live.

    ❖  Discover Your Deeper Truths To Reveal A Wild Luscious Confident Woman

    We women must claim our power in order to live our Destiny. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough strong positive models of femininity in modern culture. I offer my journey as a guide and exploration to support you to invoke your Wild Goddess and reclaim a juicy life.

    On your journey you’ll discover deeper truths about yourself to reveal a wild, luscious, and confident woman. Creating this journey changed my life and the way I look at myself forever. I invite you to step into your new life.

    What Gifts May Await You

    • Your personal spirit animal totem — your main animal protector and ally

    • Compassion for yourself and your life’s journey

    • A new way to think about food

    • Whose rules you live by (so you can make different choices)

    • Which beliefs shape your life

    • Your deep-down relationship to sex

    • What you’re angry about

    • Your biggest fears

    • Whose voices (not yours) that come out of your mouth

    • The parts of your body that you adore

    • The ways you take responsibility for others

    • Your body’s hidden messages

    • Unlock the Wild Goddess hidden inside you

    How You Know You Are Hungry For This Journey

    • You’re tired of trying to be who you are not

    • You want change — great, big lasting change — and you want it NOW

    • You know deep down you’re wild at heart

    • Along the way you turned in your Wildness Card to fit in, to get along, because you saw no other way

    • Your life feels empty

    • You long to feel wild, sensual, and free

    • You’re in a lifelong struggle to love your body

    • You know you’re a Wild Goddess but you don’t yet know how to BE one

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    About Talyaa Liera, author of The Magical Goddess Journey

    I am an ORACLE, channel, artist, mother, priestess, believer in soulmates and love, and death-defier. I travel through time and see the Destiny of humanity—an exciting yet terrifying responsibility. Along with my beloved soulmate Dave Donatiu, my Destiny is to support you to uncover your personal destiny so together we can create a better world. Read more here: https://leagueofom.com/talyaa-channels-solara/about-talyaa/

    • The Magical Goddess Journey by Talyaa Liera