Life Destiny Reading — WHY You Are Here & Alive!

  • Life Destiny Reading

    A detailed reading of your unique Destiny — your life blueprint — and the impact you are destined to have upon your loved ones, family, community, and world.

    Your Blueprint — WHY You Are Here & Alive … How You Belong … What You Are Meant to Do!


    Why We Need to Know Our Destiny

    Knowing your destiny is like having a roadmap to an amazing adventure that you created before you were born. When you know your destiny, everything in life fits. You know who you are and what you are here to do. You have what you need to create a life that you LOVE.

    That’s just how destiny affects your life. When you plug firmly into your destiny, you also help support everyone else’s destiny, which in turn supports humanity’s overall global destiny.

    When we live our destiny, we support humanity’s evolution.

    What Happens When We Don’t Know Our Destiny

    Some people don’t know their destiny but they somehow manage to live it anyway. We look longingly at them, wondering why their lives seem to work and flow, and they have it all together — but we don’t have it all together. We think of them as lucky, or that they have special help, or that the gods just favor them more than the rest of us.

    Most people, though, don’t know their destiny and aren’t living it. They feel just like I felt most of my life — alone, adrift, always looking for the “one thing” that was supposed to define my life and tell me why I am here and what I am supposed to do.

    Eventually, if we don’t know our destiny or don’t align with it, we lose essential inner energy known in ancient traditions as chi or qi. We can easily contract dis-ease, fade away and die.

    Symptoms of Not Living Destiny — a Person Feels:

    • Adrift And Aimless

    • Worthless

    • Life Is Meaningless

    • They Don’t Matter

    • Nothing They Do Matters

    • Don’t Know Why They Are Here

    • Don’t Know Where They Fit

    • Something Big Calls To Them

    • There Must Be More To Life

    • Lonely

    • Isolated

    • A Negative Feeling Of Family Or Tribe

    • Unloved

    • Unsupported

    • Disconnected From Other People

    • An Inability To Connect Emotionally With Others

    • Unhealthy Connections To Past Partners Or Family Members

    • Sense Of Not Belonging

    • Stuck

    • Just Surviving Or Coping

    • Uninspired

    • Resigned

    • Dead Inside With No Dreams

    • Scared

    • Life Is Too Small To Try Anything New

    • Powerless To Make A Positive Difference In The World

    • Low Self Esteem

    • Chronic Illness

    • Weak Immune System

    • Chronic Fatigue

    • Apathy

    • Numbness

    • Lack Of Vitality

    • Generalized Or Social Anxiety

    • Chronic Depression

    • Difficulty Staying Present In One’s Body

    • Chronic Misfortune

    • Phobias

    What A Life Destiny Reading Is


    The ORACLE emails you questions that assist in your preparation to receive your Life Destiny Reading. Your answers aid her in focusing on some of your lifelong questions that she could answer.


    ✧  YOUR IDEAL DESTINY, assuming your ability to fulfill it

    ✧  BLOCKS to fulfilling your destiny

    ✧  WHAT IS REQUIRED to fulfill your destiny

    ✧  IMPACT ON WORLD, when your destiny is fulfilled and if it remains unfulfilled

    ✧  IMPACT ON YOUR COMMUNITY, when your destiny is fulfilled and if it remains unfulfilled

    ✧  IMPACT ON YOU, when your destiny is fulfilled and if it remains unfulfilled



    The ORACLE sends you your LIFE DESTINY READING as a PDF document via email, within 5-7 business days of your order.

    Once You Know Your Destiny, Everything Changes … You Come Home … You Feel That You Belong

    What to Expect After Your Destiny Reading

    Expect to feel blown away! Expect tears of truth and recognition. Expect deep shudders of relief. Expect to feel as if your life suddenly fell into place, and your deepest desires handed to you as the gift that they are.

    You’ll connect with the deep truth of WHO YOU ARE AND WHY YOU ARE HERE that you created before you were born. You’ll feel renewed, re-energized, and inspired — excited to take the next steps to live your destined life.

    • Finally Know Who You Are And Why You Are Here

    • Have What You Need To Create A Life You Love

    • Feel Excited About Your Life

    • Colors Appear Brighter

    • Can’t Wait To Wake Up In The Morning

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    About Talyaa Liera

    I am an ORACLE, channel, artist, mother, priestess, believer in soulmates and love, and death-defier. I travel through time and see the Destiny of humanity—an exciting yet terrifying responsibility. Along with my beloved soulmate Dave Donatiu, my Destiny is to support you to uncover your personal destiny so together we can create a better world. Read more about me at League of O.M.

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