Telepathy part 1

This is the Dragon. With much love we bring to you this short message of high importance. It will contain some instructions for telepathically reaching out.

Humans are often waiting for their governments to disclose the existence of ETs. This wait is unnecessary. All are One, so connection can be instant to any being anywhere in the multiverse.

Everyone has the ability to connect on their own. Not only that, but it is more natural to you than using the internet. You do it often while you call yourself asleep but in which you're actually more awake.

Your dream or astral state is an experience that is very real but when you wake up back into your body vessel, you drop in vibration and the veil of forgetfulness ensues.

Therefore, if you want to remember interactions you have with ETs and other higher vibrational beings including your higher self, we recommend also doing so while you are not asleep. We will give some instructions.

Even though you're all relatively similar in energy from a universal perspective, you all have differences. Especially when it comes to unlocking your psychic gifts. So we can only provide really basic instructions. It will work if you believe it will, but if you - through doubt or impatience - have difficulty then make adjustments based on what you intuitively feel is natural for you. Keep in mind that everything about psychic manifestation is mental phenomena. You have a movie [Edit: The Matrix] which should trigger you to remember the power of your mind and importance of belief in yourself. The character had the capabilities from the beginning. He was in his own way in the beginning and his journey was about remembering who he was. Nothing was given to him that he didn't already have. That is the nature of your psychic growth, it is unlocking your natural abilities.

So without further ado, basic telepathy instructions. Obviously read this through then put this away, move to another spot and just do it. Trying to do it like a recipe will interrupt the flow. You can't do it wrong, and believing you may miss something will just mess you up anyway.

1. Ground, center and seek protection if you can. This step is not necessary, but recommended. If you don't know how to do this, you can choose a guardian to protect you and let the universe do the heavy lifting.

2. Take a time out to believe in yourself. You can do this. You have done it in countless lives. You come from a place where telepathy. You have nothing to fear. Love is predominant in the Universe.

3. Decide in advance your target and what the message will be. It is important to do this before the next step because...

4. Now you should quiet your mind and take deep breaths. This takes practice. If it helps, come up with a trigger word that tells your mind to shut up.

5. Now, take that message, repeat it, see it strengthen in your mind then visualize pushing it to the front of your head, hold your breath and visualize it going to the recipient. No fireworks were occur, but you probably succeeded.

6. Now quiet your mind and listen for a response. Hearing the response may take practice. It may seem like your own thought, but you won't recognize it like someone put it in there. That's how you know.

7. That's it! We just had to include a 7.

Now you got it. The next message will offer you some sure-fire recipients that will be able to compensate for initial weaknesses and be more than willing to connect.

We are so excited for your growth!

With Love. The Dragon!

Chanelling Details

  • Channel Name Brian, The Dragon
  • Entity Name The Dragon