Telepathy part 2

This is the Dragon. Human beings in your time are typically still working on unlocking their natural telepathic capabilities. If you have a friend that is gifted, you're all set. If not, you may need something to practice with. We know it may be a little unsettling to some, however the best subjects to practice with are not human beings.

The previous channeling was about how to practice telepathy. Unlocking your telepathic abilities is kind of a co-requisite to practical use of this information. However, it isn't required to read it and you may still find this information interesting.

This channeling is clairsentient because we need the channeler to transcribe some very technical concepts. So, you may get a little more of his personality in this one.

There are millions of beings around Earth right now and billions excited for the growth of mankind. Some are watchers, some scientists, some are more active and interact and even interfere. However, many of them would jump at the chance to talk to you and are extremely excited about the prospect. That may seem strange, but it's true. They are not going to land and say hi, yet, or even enter your vibration level typically. So reaching out to them telepathically is the way to go.

Telepathy is the more natural form of communication throughout the galaxy and universe. Much more common than telepathy. Some beings exercise both but only use words to add power in lower vibrations. But verbal-only beings is uncommon, albeit not completely rare. It is very typical for lower vibrations.

So we're going to describe some entities that are extremely great for communication. There is value in talking to both positive and negative entities. Heck, humanity in your age falls into the "negative" category. However, we are going to only suggest positive or neutral entities at this stage for your growth and protection. You get enough negativity back at home.

But don't be fearful. Fear not only invites negative things, but it has no point beyond survival mechanisms you are growing out of. If you are fearful around an angry lion or tiger (but smart enough to slowly back off, not run away) then that is a good thing. That fear may have saved your life. But fear is a crutch as you ascend to higher vibrations and if you do not have fear, you have nothing to be afraid of because you have full ownership of what you let in and out of your field. Let's be blunt: There are things in the universe that would make your scariest horror movies seem tame. However, if they were a threat to Earth or you, you'd already be dead and the Earth would be barren of life. Plain and simple. So being alive is a testament to the fact that either they aren't around, don't know about you or something is protecting you (all three are true, depending on the type of negative entities)

But anyway, let's just focus on what's easy and connect to positive entities for now.

Your higher self - If you want to know a powerful being that is extremely gifted it's none other than your higher self. Believe it? Then you're all set.

Archangel Michael: What can we say? Archangel Michael is blended with your higher self and needs no introduction. It's also a very advanced being that will also protect you.

Thoth/Hermes: In Atlantis was a human-annunaki hybrid priest/sorcerer. Unlike some annunaki he grew fond of and helpful to humans and after the fall of Atlantis he went to Egypt and educated the Egyptians, accelerating their progress. He followed the martians and niburian annunaki to ancient Greece as the hybrid incarnation known as Hermes to undermine the little club you may know as their deities and to transcribe esoteric writings with Atlantian knowledge.

Yeshua (Jesus): What can we say? This guy is extremely patient and gets barraged with silliness constantly and keeps on ticking. He has taken a role that he constantly gets barraged with messages from billions of people in your timeline alone. "Jesus this" and "Jesus that" :-) . Trillions if you consider other timelines. Yet, very open, loving and understanding and he does have a sense of humor even if that may be a surprise. C'mon, he's been human. He knows very well what you're going through. He won't bite. Oh, and if you want to add some female energy, call on both Yeshua and Mary Magedeline blended for an even more balanced target for communication.

The Blue Avians: They are protectors of humanity and always open for a good chat. They have a good sense of humor as well. You'll most likely reach an individual. The blue avians come from the carians, who like dracos are one of the ancients of the galaxy. Some carians are positive to mankind, and some are hostile. However, the blue avians are extremely positive to mankind.

The Mantis: They are advanced insectoid beings and typically higher vibrational but do visit lower vibrations. Like humans, they run the gamut and you'll want to ask to connect to the positive ones. Some of the most positive are protectors for humanity. They are also extremely funny and party animals. If you like fun or even a good party yourself, then they may be the ones to talk to. They have a collective, but you'll probably reach an individualized consciousness.

The Plaeidians: They come from the Plaeides and are also protectors. There are lots of different kinds of beings there from humans to feline to reptilian and other forms but whatever their form, they have a Plaeidian identity that is more similar to human Atlantian or Lemurian identities depending on the plaeidian world you speak of. They range from the blue plaeidians that are extremely positive interactions with mankinds to the nordic plaeidians who ascended more recently and have both positive and negative interactions with mankind depending on the individual Plaeidian involved. Besides your native reptillian and saurian forms, agarthans and blue avians, the Plaeidians are the most like humans. Their history is alot like yours, they are about a million years further along in evolution, but not all Plaeidian worlds are made equal and some of their worlds are only thousands of years further along and just got out of the kinds of things your dealing with. So they will be completely sympathetic. Plaeidians are also very sexual.

Lyran Felines: If you want to talk telepathically with another group of beings that will be sympathetic to your current condition, it's the Lyran felines. Feline ETs are an ancient race, about as old as the dracos and saurians and even have inhabited Earth at times past, but the Lyran felines were knocked down in vibration from an ancient galactic war millions of years ago in linear time and have just recently recovered. Some are positive to mankind, and some are hostile, so connect to the right ones through protection.

Essassani: If you want to ease into getting used to zetas, then you can call Essassani "Zeta Light" and are easy to talk to and pleasing to the eyes. These are Zeta-Human hybrids (ahh yes, the hybrids some of you are so terrified of for no reason). They have human qualities and zeta qualities and are usually around 4 ft tall, and have giant eyes with human-like pupils, tiny mouths and noses and are extremely beautiful and child-like in appearance. They are playful and loving, have more emotion than zetas (still less than humans) and are still scientific for the most part (depends on the individual) and unlike zetas they are adapted for Earth and can survive on the surface in your society without dying (though they keep their visits short) and are really into music and art. They are tapped into the zeta collective but you will reach individuals, most likely one familiar with you and that you know already from the astral, past lives, or genetically related to. So even though you may not remember the ones you talk to, you may feel a familiarity. Also, unlike greys, they are less likely to visit you in person if you reach out to them telepathically which is a plus since some of you may not be ready for in-person interaction.

Dragons: Hey, that's us! The positive dragons are wise, high-vibrational beings that don't visit lower vibration very often anymore, but unlike many higher vibrational beings we do connect to the lower vibrations and therefore are available to communicate. We are protectors of the entire nearby group of galaxies and always up for a good chat. We may not seem like the most exciting to talk to but if wisdom is your thing, then give us a ring and we can talk philosophy or ancient wisdom. You can either talk to the collective or ask for an individual.

Fairies, elves and gnomes, pegasus and unicorns: In your "inner earth" and higher dimensional devic kingdom, you have these kinds of beings and are almost always telepathic, especially the royal lines, and love nature. Some are also elementals. There are positive and negative interactions with mankind so just connect with the positive or more neutral ones. They all tend to be playful, with elves being most like humans, and may play some jokes on you, however they are always fun. Be aware that they are all pretty sad about how humans are treating the Earth, so be respectful of this sentiment. However, the positive ones will give you a chance and won't pre-judge you. If you're connected with nature, you'll have an easier time.

Wind elemental: Try to talk to the wind elementals. If you try to talk to water elemental, you may get silence. Fire, maybe a little more luck. However, wind elementals cannot contain themselves. That's how the wind is, it flows. Trying to command the wind doesn't go well, but try sending it a message in a playful way and you may see the wind respond by shaking the branches of a nearby tree. The wind needs breaks to build up energy, so the longer you give it between wind gusts, the more you will likely get out of it. However, you have to be tricky. If you just ask it to blow, it's probably not going to oblige. However, if you make it a game such as 20 questions or dare it to blow or knock something light over, you'll likely get some results. However, it's somewhat chaotic and it can take time.

Lupids: Out in the depths of your galaxy are beings that are much like you except they look more like your wolves. Dogs have a stong connection to mankind and are breeds of wolf. They are often healing and companions. The lupids are strongly connected to this and although they give humanity space, they are active incarnating as man's best friend and many have a strong affinity for mankind. They are a bit wild, and unlike many ETs and humans haven't dropped their instincts so they may seem less civilized than some and more akin to some wise devic kingdom beings. If you're talking with one you may be in the middle of a philosophical conversation when it smells something and runs off to see what it is. However, they are very intelligent, and some are much more advanced than your present society. Like Plaeidians, they are also very sexual. Like mantis, they can be the life of the party but you may only want to invite a few to a party :-)

Future humans: Who better to talk to than those who have "been there, done that"?

Saurian: Wondering where dinosaurs went? Perhaps ask them. The ones that survived and didn't turn into chickens are higher dimensional beings that are on Earth and in other parts of the galaxy. They are very very similar to you because, well, they come from the same planet. Most of them, that is. There is another dinosaur planet in the galaxy but we do not think it has evolved to the point that some of the Earth dinos did. Why is there no evidence? That's intentional and also their population never got too high, they were already underground at the time of the dinos. Most are in space colonies some still live underground to this day. They occasionally came to the surface to see your terrifying ancient mammals (by then the surviving dinos were not much bigger than you are) which were not much less scary than dinosaurs. They witnessed the evolution of apes and the dawn of the human being. They were active with Atlantians and Lemurians but post-Atlantis humans isolated themselves due to Annunaki influences, Saurians distanced themselves from humans as well and interactions pretty much ceased. Saurians are generally peaceful, will be a bit easier to handle personality-wise than talking to many reptilians and still have similarities to reptilians that can prepare you for the inevitable interactions with reptilians humans will have in the future.

Chanelling Details

  • Channel Name Brian, The Dragon
  • Entity Name The Dragon