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StarDate 9  December, 2018

A Christmas Message To Earth Humanity From Maitreya Through Elizabeth Trutwin 

Greetings Earth Humanity. This is Maitreya. I am transmitting this message to Elizabeth Trutwin, December 9, 2018. It is time Heaven Space Brothers bring reformation to Earth in the form of Justice and Love. This will be delivered as IROHA Space Law. This teaching and technology has never before been shared in your Universe. It is in response to the heartless actions of those wishing to destroy Earth. This destruction has continued for thousands of years. Through wars, murder, declining eco system, alteration of DNA, poisoning with chemicals and lack of regard for all living things on Earth. IROHA Space Law brings the Love of God to Earth and delivers technologies from Heaven’s Space Brothers to clean and clear the other issues. 

Preparations have already begun Planet wide. On November 11, 2018,  Iroha Space Law was applied to Earth with Cosmic Sound. This was picked up on by seismometers around the world. This Cosmic Sound is the beginning of big changes heading to Earth. There is another Planetary transmission of Cosmic Sound coming December 12, 2018. This is experienced as a monotone ringing spread from one end of the Planet to the other. Scientists claimed to never have evidence of anything like this before in Earth history. These two transmissions are to inform Earth at a higher level of Consciousness. Winter Solstice and beginning of Yuletide, December 21, 2018 mark in the northern hemisphere, the shortest day and longest night of the year. Solstice is an astronomical phenomena and the Heavenly bodies are positioned perfectly for new Consciousness as packets of information transmitted through sound and experienced as light to fill and cover Earth. The Heavenly bodies, Sun, Moon and Earth, literally move to positions to best receive the new light information to receive the highest possible distribution of Love from God.

This is similar to when there is the least light coming to the Planet during a New Moon. It is a time of new beginnings. Earth has transitioned to a period when money has dominated over Love. Earth’s economy based on money must turn around to Maitreya’s economy based on Love. This is IROHA. The Love of God. It is a Law where science and religion are transcended. Cosmic Sound transverses from one end of the Universe, through the Sun and Moon and radiated to Earth. Buddha and Jesus incarnated as the living sons of God. They spoke of IROHA Space Law. These are coded laws upheld for the sake of Love. Love for God, love for Humanity and love for the animal kingdom, an infinite reciprocal love. This is the new economy. All are included and accounted for.

The Maitreya economy makes Love the source of money. Love then becomes the vehicle to transcend religion and science. Abraham is the Father of Judaism. His descendant Muhammad was the Father of Islam. The living son of God, Jesus, known as Emmanuel, was the Father of Christianity. All three of these religions used advanced science technology called the Ark of the Covenant of God. All three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam upheld the laws of the oldest God from the Godhead in order to be in possession of this technology. All three religions deteriorated over time and the technology was removed and sometimes hidden on Earth until this time of new beginnings. 

Maitreya Buddha restores justice to Earth by gathering the friendly Space Brothers, also Buddhas, who have obtained the christed nature, which is what being a Buddha means. The Space Brothers assist in restoring Earth with the delivery of Cosmic Sound. This technology cleans the eco system of Earth, including the water in the oceans and rivers. This restores the health of Humanity and the ability for Humanity to raise their Consciousness for the purpose of embracing new thoughts and taking new actions based in Love, based in God’s Law, IROHA Space Law. It returns harmony between Humanity and the animal kingdom and the Planet. It restores justice by raising Earth’s Consciousness to the level of interacting with Her Galactic neighbors within Intergalactic space law. 

The Winter Solstice is a celebration of the Return of the Sun God, Maitreya. It is when the Sun is in a position relative to Earth where, in the northern hemisphere, the sunlight experienced in the daytime becomes brighter and longer with each passing day. This is the ideal time for the Sun Gods to return to Earth, the Cosmic Buddhas. We know Jesus, Emmanuel, was born in the springtime by the description of shepherds guarding their flocks outside at night when he was born. His birthday, called Christmas, is celebrated at the time of the return of the Sun Gods. The ancients texts of all religions on all continents of Earth say the Sun Gods were worshipped as the bringers of technology. This is how religion and science will be replaced with IROHA Space Law. It is the emergence, the rise and the dawn of God’s Law on Earth. This is Love. This is Peace. Peace on Earth and God’s Will to Humanity.

It is the Earth tilting on it’s axis which is how it relates to the Sun. During the Winter Solstice and the return of the Sun to more influence on Earth, there are the ideal astrological conditions to deliver Cosmic Sound from the Godhead in order to raise Consciousness on the Planet, to Humanity and indeed the entire Cosmos benefits. It is a rare and special time. The Heavenly bodies literally move like a river rock moving where instead of water flowing around the rocks, superfluid helium is moving around the Sun, Moon and Earth carrying instant transmissions of sound vibration and laser light containing information as Consciousness to a place too long lowered into darkness by revering money over Love. Specifically God’s Love. This is the optimal time where change may take hold.

Kumitama is another name for Buddha. The Kumitama network is all over the Cosmos and it is a symphony coming from the Stars, Suns and Planets. It is harnessed by the Space Brothers. Sound recorded from the light transmissions emitted as ions from the jets of Supermassive Black Holes sounds like a heartbeat. It is known as the Harmony of the Spheres. Space Brothers, working in harmony together all over the Cosmos, as a symphony, are Buddhas. They are the ones who have transcended science and religion. These Buddhas are not an organization. They are a spontaneous network of pure joy. They sing the One Song of our Universe. Love. IROHA Space Law. 

Kumitama is a Divine network, a mechanism which brings a new era. This Kumitama mechanism which begins at the Godhead and transmits to Earth as seen on the seismometers in November, bring Earth into resonance with the Highest Consciousness of Love. God’s Love. Jesus, Emmanuel was born into this Planet for the purpose of returning his Father in Heaven, Maitreya’s economy of Love and to use the Ark of the Covenant of God to deliver the highest technology to order or organize water restoring health to our bodies and our oceans as well as building megotholithic structures used as portals to other places in Space. This brings fellowship with the Sun Gods all over our Universe. It restores Earth in God’s Law which allows Planetary citizens to interact with Buddhas from all over our Cosmos. 

Christmas advances quickly. Christmas is the anniversary of IROHA Space Law. The changes in Consciousness are begun. Behind the scenes the mafia-like beings who forgot to worship Father and Mother and Child God, the Holy Trinity, and worship money instead, have begun to be permanently removed by the Space Brothers to free the pure members of Humanity. Those who continue to participate in politics and money matters are also being removed. Anyone working against a Love economy will leave the Earth. The quantum teleportation of Love begins on the Yuletide and continues to transform every cell in your body and heal you on every level. Cosmic Sound transmits instantly from Hinomoto through the Cosmos down to the quantum in every fractal of absolute and relative time. The finite universe of “Iroha” and the infinite universe of “Hifumi” are sets. The circulation of Love and Justice cannot be divided and are completely restored to Earth now. This mechanism of Maitreya economy is Grace given by God which removes the burdens from Earth.  It makes it possible to remove the radioactivity from the oceans and soils, bodies and animals of Earth. It allows the geomagnetic reversal which could destroy the Planet to heal, saving all life on Earth.  These are among the many gifts Father in Heaven bestows to Earth Humanity this Christmas. IROHA* Space Law is the Cosmic Sound and Word transmitted from the One Source in this Universe. It is the Love from Kumitama Maitreya Buddha Father God. Telepathic Transmission from Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin © All Rights Reserved. 

*IROHA as revealed to me by my Teacher Sonny Mizuho

Enjoy a Private Session, a question and answer session with Sananda to explore any challenges in your Way and the solutions and practices which clear the way. Gain clarity on your Mission and the Way there. You may ask Maitreya any question you like. The more specific the question, the more specific the answer. I have been doing these sessions 12 years and have recommendations available on request. It is amazing the intense accuracy which comes from these sessions.

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Permanently Erase Trauma From Your DNA Memory Going Back Generations

It is possible to instantly change every cell in your body. Your body makes new cells through cell division millions of times everyday. When you erase trauma off your DNA memory it is a permanent change. All future cell replication is done without the trauma in the chromosomes. It’s gone. As you upgrade your DNA then each new cell which replicates with the cleared DNA never again carries forth those memories. It is permanently gone, as programming gets erased off a harddrive. Your emotions are no longer effected and you go through life without the baggage of the trauma.

All Future Cell Replication, Millions of Times A Day, Carry Forward No Past Trauma Within The Cell Memory.

This process changes how you filter information, how you attack challenges and virtually everything about you. It releases fears because they are no longer there. Your confidence increases, self-love increases. Limitations drop. Your new fearless Self is able to take action steps in the direction you have dreamed. Those for whom I have done this service see instant change and a new outlook immediately.

When we have a change in emotion it shows up as a change in the chemicals released by our brain. Changing the chemistry of the brain by taking medications, meditating, or doing therapy, is no guarantee the memory of the trauma is going to go away. Any traumas you have had are still embedded on the structure of your DNA in SpaceTime, SpaceMemory. I am offering my service to people who have had serious trauma to relieve the trauma. I have had great success with this. Your trauma is recorded somewhere on the structure of SpaceTime. Since all memory from your life connects right up to you in the center of your wings, on your back, you can have access to that structure on that path. Famous psychologists have trained people to cultivate a relationship with their Inner Child. They tell people how to make a new optic on their childhood. It works because they are actually altering the memory embedded on SpaceTime. This distance healing therapy I do, overnighted by Sananda with you is permanent. I can go in and working with the energy I can literally erase that memory from SpaceTime. It no longer exists because it can be erased from your DNA. I can actually follow that information of you all the way back on the structure and find that trauma and remove it permanently from the record of Space Time, from the record left by your DNA when it occurred. 

SpaceMemory is Recorded on our DNA. We can erase the DNA Memory as we do on a computer.

Your spiral of SpaceMemory goes back all the way to the DNA of your Mother and your spiral connects to her spiral. Where you connect with your Mother’s spiral, then you can also connect there with your Father’s spiral. You can go along that path and this is how genes keep information continuous through the generations. It is possible to trace the spirals back through your ancestors and remove any traumas which impacted your genes. It only takes a few minutes for me to go in and see the position of traumas from your life and going back up the spirals, those traumas of your Mother and Father and others along your connection. I go in and with the assistance of the energy completely remove that memory first recorded by the DNA as it was embedding on to SpaceTime. 

SpaceMemory is how a gene pool is passed from family to family down through the generations. Current biology has no other explanation for this. The DNA is actually informing the genome structure. This includes all traumas that have been passed down to you through the generations from the DNA of your Mother and Father and their parents before them. In this healing technique I actually help you to identify where the traumas are on the structure of SpaceMemory and assist with my experience in working with these energies, to fully erase the trauma. Then the DNA no longer accesses that when making new cells in your Physical Body. During this session I assist you in changing your relationship, your perspective and your geometry to the trauma. If there was a traumatic event you can experience it from a different angle. For cancelling the event completely, like if someone did something wrong to you, you can see it from their perspective. From the person who did something wrong to you. By doing that you can experience their fear, and their trauma. By meeting the experience from the opposite side, all of a sudden all the information going forward from that present moment during the healing, completely changes. 

By changing your past, you change your future. Even in traumas which you are unable to remember, as when things happen in early childhood, I have been successful helping others bring the trauma into their memory for removal. Doing this technique I have seen cases where there is an instant healing of the trauma. It has one feeling instantly light and free from the burden carried when the trauma memory was there. In cases of traumas spanning years a person may need a day or two to fully release the trauma pattern and fully feel the release, though they were able to sense the significant change instantly. I do this process with Sananda and Metatron facilitating the energy work.

As we drop old traumas and change our bodies, our future changes. Everything is easier.

Instant Erasing of Trauma from Your DNA Memory a new service from Elizabeth Trutwin

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