This is the Dragon


Technology pervades life in your current reality right now. Picture going to an even more adanced technological world. Your Hollywood tells you what you expect to see: Flying shuttles, many mile-high buildings, mind-reading devices, supersonic trains, space ships, teleportation devices, AI, prolonged life, and regeneration chambers. Right now, there are many beings visiting watching your world from other places. any - not all - are technologically far more advanced. What do you think their technology is like? Also, what is the connection between technology and consciousness?

First, many beings have gifts that render some technologies unnecessary. For instance, with telepathy, would you need cell phones? Instead, for beings that use telepathy, a device like a radio would only be used for people that have disabilities for which they can't "speak" telepathic, or to interact with other kinds of beings that don't use telepathy. What about space travel or travel of any kind when you can teleport without the use of technology? We have said before that you all have these abilities, but the world is socially indoctrinated that this kind of thing is not possible. On other worlds, there ranges from where beings are born speaking telepathy and teleporting the same way babies learn to crawl and other worlds that it takes a little more effort like it does on Earth, but that society considers that something to be taught and encouraged. If Earth was like that, think what you could do...

Obviously, there are some beings out there very similar to yourselves, but as we have said in the past, that's more of an exception than the norm. You are a very young civilization in a very old galaxy.

So, pick some beings that watch or interact with Earth - maybe even incarnate in human bodies from time-to-time - in their more common form are generally ancient beings with civilizations hundreds of thousands or millions of years of years old. They are telepathic, they can not only naturally telepathic and not only teleport but they are inter-dimensional and can "ride" through the "quantum soup" so to speak.

Can you start to answer the question of what their technology is like? It is not like yours.

Let's ask: What is technology? Technology is something that enhances your senses, enhances your abilities, both at an individual and social level. What if that enhancement is part of who you are anyway? What if everything we imagine we can do with technology, some beings can do naturally, consciously? Is that technology? In a sense, it is... It's just a more natural form of technology.

And that's where we get to what many more advanced civilizations' technology is like. They have more of a marriage of technology and consciousness often to the point that it is indistinguishable. Can you see this?

So, we talked about the ETs, but let's talk about the angels. What you call angels are higher vibration energies that you attribute certain technologies to and perceive in a balanced form. What if we told you that, in a sense, angels are technological beings? In a sense, they helped build your world with you, and the building of it was done through consciousness, but that consciousness was directed in a way that you could call a technology since it was used to construct everything you see. This is much in the way you would build a virtual reality world to experience, but using dimensional consciousness as the "computer system" to build it in. And then you went down into your conscious technological creation.

In a future channeling, we may get more into examples of conscious technology.

Chanelling Details

  • Channel Name Brian, The Dragon
  • Entity Name The Dragon