This is the Dragon,

In a previous channeling, we gave a high level view of conscious technology for other beings. We promised to provide some examples.

Conscious technologies are so diverse that we can barely scratch the surface, and they exist to very high vibrations. You could call them processes - both natural and learned - for dealing with conscious energy. So, we thought an allegorical example would be a good start, and will get the help of the channeler here to make it like stories you are used to. This story requires you to imagine you landed on an alien planet with much more technologically, spiritually and psychically advanced beings. A world close enough to your own that your body could withstand it. Despite some familiarities, you may  be surprised at how things work. So let's precede with a small story to give an example.

Story start.

There is a world that is marked quarantined by the Union of Worlds, a 200 ly wide civilization of many different types of species with technological capabilities but nothing more. You run out of fuel and are forced to land on this quarantined world, damage the ship more in the process, and the weather on the world damages it further.

You find colorful but humanoid beings living in simple huts with no clothes beyond loin cloths - if even that sometimes - and you observe them for weeks from a hiding spot. The weather on this world is very chaotic, so much so that you have to return to your space ship many times to survive. But you come back to observe these beings. They have always seemed aware of your presence by the way they acted whenever they were close to you - like spooky glances your way when you thought about them. However, they were neither threatening to you nor do you get the impression they are threatened by you. They seem to be a very peaceful yet primitive culture. No signs of technology anywhere.

Yet, there are some things that just don't stand up to reason. For instance, as we mentioned this world has very chaotic weather. During some of the less intense storms, still what you'd call thunderstorms on Earth, you have gone over to observe them with some rain gear on, and noticed their huts and even their whole village seems to get much less rain than the surroundings - such as where you are hiding in the forest and uphill nearby to watch them. This peaked your interest so much, that one day you wanted to see what would happen during hurricane-force winds (not abnormal on this world) and dawned a space suit to protect you and keep you planted and walked back to their village. This day, unlike they other, they all were indoors and the wind ripped through their village. So you knew they had no force field. Yet, their simple huts made of wood and straw did not seem affected at all. In fact, their clothes on the line and everything else seemed rather unaffected by winds that would rip homes apart on Earth and are too dangerous to explore outside of your suit. In fact, it almost seemed like the wind channeled through the spaces between their huts and around their clothes lines almost like they were all made of solid rock. You also looked around and saw things flying all over the woods, trees cracking, even rocks flying. Yet their village was relatively peaceful and the same kinds of trees and stones in their village remained calm and unharmed. However, what you saw outside the village made you realize the indigenous wood and other things around were nothing special and not the reason their village stayed relatively calm even in the center of the storm.

This is the first time it struck you that they had some ability or technology to remain unaffected by the weather. In the meantime, weeks back, your spaceship had been rendered useless from the weather, and would take years to repair if it does not get damaged all the more while you try to fix it. You think it would be wise to meet these beings and make contact. Perhaps you can learn how they protect their things from the weather.

The next day you go to meet them during a moderate storm. It lets you go without a suit that you think may be intimidating to them.The first thing you notice is that the rain seems significantly lighter inside the village than it did in the woods with an irregular boundary that again seems doesn't have the dome shape of some kind of energy field. In fact, the whole village only gets enough rain to water their plants. They see you, come to look at you, with the little kids running and playing around you. All the while you are getting wet and they are not. They see this and turn and walk towards a larger hut. You don't know what to do and stay where you are. After a while they turn, walk back to you, take your hand and for a moment motion it towards the hut, then turn and walk again that direction. You realize they intend for you to follow them.

Inside the hut, there is a round set of benches which reminds you of accounts of American Indian ceremonial huts or nordic huts for ritualistic gatherings. No water what-so-ever is leaking through. Then you look at the center, and you see that it is open, yet absolutely no rain is coming down. Again, you think of a force-field. While observing you noticed that they are glancing at each other as if talking to each other and sometimes even laughing in unison even though you hear nothing. For instance, one time, one of the children pointed at you then moved the cloth on your sleeve and everyone looked at each other again and five seconds later started laughing as if it wasn't the child's actions alone but some communication that was funny as if someone told a joke.

You hear a voice say your name and "Welcome to our village" but clearly saw no one talk, especially in the direction it seemed the sound came from in the center of their group. Those individuals were just looking at you. That really freaks you out and you think about leaving. After that, another one starts talking with its mouth in English like you are used to.

They say, "You seem interested that there is no rain in here". You ask them, "how do you do that?" They say, "technology". You say "You seem to be simple people, I don't see any signs of technology around you, no force field, how does it work?" They explain that their technology is a conscious technology, that they have long ago married technology and consciousness and that they have shaped their use of consciousness over time in a methodical way just as you have done to harness your technology. In fact, their technology is so advanced, that it doesn't need to leave a footprint. As far as how we keep the elements out of our village, we think of it. We can talk to the elementals the mischevous fun-loving spirits that delight in the wind and rain and we can manifest calm around us.

Then they start walking again and you follow them to a room in the bottom of a mountain and you see glowing lights coming from crystals and electric wires and other wires of glowing light - the first thing that makes sense to you. You think, "ahh, fiber optics and electric wires". They explain that they, too, have long since billions of days ago (their days, you already know, lasts 3 earth days) unlocked the understanding of light and electricity but that this generator is one that enhances their consciousness and that the electricity has limited uses on their world because many things they can do are far more sophisticated, but we keep this around to help visitors like you. They explain that the generator can enhance telepathy and manifestation around the planet, but that the electric-based devices have to be in close proximity for it to work on them and power them up. You look around and then ask "Without wires, how do you communicate over long distances?" and they respond "Telepathically. It works over any distance. How do you think you can understand what we say? Do you think we know your language? We don't even have a verbal language beyond body language, since we don't need it. You move your mouth and words come out and we know then to tune into you, and we hear the telepathic thoughts that accompanied them both preceding and coming after what you say. We make sounds and we can use perceptional filters telepathically to shape the sounds into speech that sounds like English to you to the point you think it's actually speech from us. We all talked telepathically to each other and agreed this would be the best approach after we could read that you were disturbed by us talking to you telepathically, which we figure you will get used to but there's time for that in the future". They then use a crystalline device to play a sound "This is what we really sound like". And that sound, you hear through the device, sounds like grumblings and pings, not like speech.

They go onto explain, "Our way of life seems simple to you because advanced technology is conscious technology. We don't need it to be so intrusive, and we don't need to display it. It is part of us - our minds - our bodies. When you think skeptically about their bodies since they look like nothing special, they start to glow. "We have been suppressing our light when you are around to avoid it making you uncomfortable, but we can't continue to do that because it is unhealthy for us". You startle for a second then realize there is nothing to fear. Conscious technology enhances our natural capabilities, and we work to enhance the technology inside of us, our own consciousness."

You tell them you are starting to feel hot, like you are going to burn up.  They explain that the energies around are higher vibration than anything but  your mind is used to, that it's a miracle your body didn't burn up yet. They explain this room has the strongest energies and it'd be prudent to leave quickly.

Instantly, you and the small group that accompanied you all appear in a beautiful glade with light filtering through and a small bubbling stream. That shook you up and disoriented you and you fell to your hands and knees until the dizziness went away. You could feel a pulsing feeling of energy, like electricity, moving through your body. They said, "teleportation. We used our mind for ourselves, but that room also had a device that helped move your energy with ours, however your body is still adjusting to this new energy" They say "We already knew you were coming, and we'll explain how in the future but we think you've had enough for today. We had already hundreds of days ago picked a spot here which has an energy that is more harmonious with your body's vibration level, and will seem comfortable to you in every way but the length of a day, which we cannot change. Your mind and body cannot be balanced in our village that is at a consciousness level of your mind because it will almost rip you from your body. You are welcome to visit, but it'll be some time before your body adapts to the energy enough that you can stay with us long periods of time. You are also welcome to visit the mountain room because there is a library there - what you call a computer encyclopedia, but more experiential like your holographic games but tapped directly into your mind instead. Through that you can quickly tap into everything you need to know about life here. Please go through the village first so that we can read your intentions and have someone follow you to ensure your safety and help you if the energy overwhelms your body."

When you looked at it, you could not help but wondering how you could survive in this area with all the storms. Immediately, they motioned their hands and a gorgeous stone building appeared, clad with iron and a water-wheel that carried the water from the stream up to a conduit that carried it into the house. Your hobbled ship floated down and they moved it into the same clearing. "We knew your supplies were dwindling. You can stay in your ship or in the building. We believe you will find it to be quite comfortable, weather-resistant and heated even though it will not be clear how. We chose the form of stone because we knew that would be more believable to you than straw or branch construction. The house will always have food on the table when you feel hungry, but we left you hunting gear as well if you choose to take a more physical approach but we do ask you to make a blessing and thank any animal that gives its life for you. We do warn you that the animals here are not only large and ferocious but also very cunning and intelligent. They may also taunt you telepathically if you choose to hunt them and you may lose some of the protection we enjoy due to our positive spiritual connection to them. Even though we asked them to forgive any actions you may take, that may be difficult for them under the circumstances. We therefore recommend you partake of the freely manifesting food instead, and you'll find it more delightful than the food your broken replicator no longer puts out"

That argument was more than persuasive. You didn't like the idea of becoming enemies with what sounded like big and ferocious animals when you heard them at night or the few times you happened to see one.

"Also, when your body and your ship adjusts enough to the vibration of this world, we'll be able to fix it mentally much faster than you could by hand. We'll need your help in this to connect to the mechanical physicality of it to channel our energies and intent since we understand how it works but not at the same level as the physicality of the ship. We hope you can participate on both aspects. We predict in about six weeks, best-case, we can work together to get the energy ready to fix the ship, which will - once energy is in place - be a two day event of focused intent and energy with you providing the connection we need. If you choose to fix the ship using mechanical means only, we will help manifest the parts you need but that will take at least one year because the weather will be working against you."

"Either way, we will support either approach or if you decide to stay here longer. We also believe your presence can help teach humility and respect for other ways to our children who - we'll be honest - feel that they can sort of convert you to a 'better way'. We have explained that all most go their own path and respect and support you whether you decide to become more like us, stay more like your current ways of thinking or somewhere in-between. Either way, we feel this experience will be a positive one for all involved because there is much we can learn from each other"


End story and channeling.

With love, The Dragon.

Chanelling Details

  • Channel Name Brian, The Dragon
  • Entity Name The Dragon