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  • ArchAngel Uriel Message for 13 - 19 Nov 2017

    by Mavinin Sesi November 14, 2017

    The energy of the new year already started, you are aware of the quickening steps of your own process for many preparations. What we actually mean by preparation is the Orientation with the New and the seeds you have planted long ago bearing fruit now. Now what is beyond transforming the old is comp... Read More ..

  • AA Raphael Message for 6-12th Nov 2017

    by Mavinin Sesi November 14, 2017

    Where you stand is exactly where birth and death unite. You are at the place where the traces of the year behind you is evolving into the new. To complete whatever is left here and there and to prepare you for the next journey Then, while the path was flowing how harmoniously did you move among thos... Read More ..