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  • Sheldan Nidle Update - Dec 19, 2017

    by Sloan6 December 29, 2017

    Selamat Balik!. Welcome. After considerable delay we return to give you a brief review of what is taking place around your world during this sacred time of the year. At times it is difficult to fully grasp what is manifesting on your planet. We wish to take a moment to review what has transpired for... Read More ..

  • Montague Keen - October 15, 2017

    by Sloan6 October 18, 2017

    My last words to Veronica on the 15 January 2004, as she sat by my side at the Royal Society of Arts, moments before I was due to speak: "When the timing is right, my dear, when the timing is right". I began to speak to the audience and I quickly passed to Spirit. Now, I remind humanity that the tim... Read More ..

  • Blossom Goodchild - October 14, 2017

    by Sloan6 October 15, 2017

    Welcome to you. I am raring to go, so let’s see what wisdom is to be shared today? Welcome to you also, Dearest Blossom. We are certainly keen to continue our conversations with you and we are aware of a question you shall pose from a gentleman follower. Many thanks. The FOL (and other sour... Read More ..

  • Montague Keen - October 8, 2017

    by Sloan6 October 12, 2017

    Facing the fact that humanity has been systematically targeted since the Council of Nicea is not easy. I tell you that the evidence of this is all around you, apart from the lies told to you about the mythical Jesus born in Nazareth, that never happened. The real Jesus Christ lived 350 years before.... Read More ..

  • Sheldan Nidle - October 10, 2017

    by Sloan6 October 11, 2017

    12 Etznab, 16 Trotz, 1 Ik Selamat Balik! Much is still taking shape behind the scenes. Those in charge of the monies still seem quite hesitant to part with such huge sums. This concurrent aspect of reality is now being pushed aside by the Light. The various trouble spots are simply indications of w... Read More ..

  • Montague Keen - October 1, 2017

    by Sloan6 October 5, 2017

    THE FABIAN SOCIETY To play those millions of minds,To watch them slowly respondTo an unseen stimulus, to guideTheir aspirations without theirKnowledge -all this whetherIn high capacities or in humbleIs a BIG and ENDLESS GAME OF CHESS,Of ever extraordinary EXCITEMENT. Sydney West, Leader of the Fab... Read More ..

  • Sheldan Nidle - October 3, 2017

    by Sloan6 October 3, 2017

    5 Batz, 9 Tzotz, 1 Ik Selamat Balik! Many puzzling developments are currently manifesting. However, events are transpiring that are expected to end the present prosperity fund impasse. It is extremely necessary that the current distributions be carried out quickly according to Heaven's wishes. A ... Read More ..

  • Matthew Ward - September 25, 2017

    by Sloan6 September 26, 2017

    With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Deepening concerns surrounding North Korea have led to inquiries such as “Can ships land if ET presence would avert a nuclear war?” and comments like “It would be really helpful if disclosure and ... Read More ..

  • Montague Keen - September 24, 2017

    by Sloan6 September 26, 2017

    There is a sense of excitement that many of you have become aware of and are excited by. Victory is within reach and you are sensing it. You know and you feel in your souls that coming together to meditate and to pray, is producing results. Keep it up, this is your weapon against the dark forces of ... Read More ..