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Pipe booster pump

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    The pipe booster pump is mainly suitable for high rise building, garden sprinkler irrigation, pipeline supercharging, cold and hot water circulation, flammable and explosive liquid and corrosive liquid transportation and various kinds of boiler, water supply, heating, chemical and petroleum pipeline equipment.



    The pipe pump is a new vertical single stage centrifugal pump, which is developed for the supercharged water supply in the high-rise building and the low pressure of the pipe. It is superior to the horizontal centrifugal pump used at present. Because of the advanced mechanical seal, the motor main shaft is directly loaded with impeller, which has less leakage, high efficiency, power consumption, compact structure, small volume, light weight, convenient decoration, and can be used and used in series according to the needs of the lift and flow. As a replacement of conventional centrifugal pumps, the pump has replaced many old- fashioned pumps, and has been widely used in various industries, and has become a general trend.


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