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    Soul Circle

    A gathering of Lightworkers sharing thoughts, energies, creativities ...
    led by LoveLight / courtland

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    Extraterrestrial souls of the universe. Come join us to connect.
    led by Elshara Silverheart

  • 1,406

    BETA Testing Group

    For those participating in the site BETA Testing. This area is to provide feedback, and bugs, issues.
    led by Adeon Asfar

  • 1,130

    Universal Principles Furthering Progress

    Throughout the Universe principles and continuities conjugate to manifest the Universe in every realm. Let's explore such principles while integrating them into daily life.
    led by Sadhu Mystical

  • 1,277

    LIKE MINDED of LIGHT~ reality

    ~ We can create an amazing future for our world if we do our work in a way that reflects universally shared values ....~
    led by Ilona Hucke

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  • 941

    Unification of Light

    Our Mission is a Vision of self sustainable natural community’s that everyone has some kind of skills to help build for our Future of New Earth
    life of worldwide Light-Centers.....

    ...  more
    led by Ilona Hucke

  • 970

    Spiritual consulting and coaching.

    A group for advice, help, and guidance.
    led by Angel Dimov

  • 663

    Angels and the New Earth

    Angelic guidance for bringing the New Earth.
    led by Angel Dimov

  • 570

    Easy Journey to Other Planets

    Its very easy to travel to other planets,but first you must prepare yourself for the new atmosphere. Just like in the ocean you can visit briefly the fishes, but you cannot live and move in the water. You can not breath water, you have a land body.You mus...  more
    led by Basu Gopal Dasa