Connect with People

The world is a book. Those who do not connect with others miss many pages.
  • Joseph EagleBear Verrett The Creator of All Things… The One and only I Am… The Father and the Son… The Holy Spirit… The Great Mystery… The Grandfather…The Grandmother… What ever the names used, what ever the places these names are felt, known, desired within one's self… The pure and simple truth is…Call to Me, speak to Me, desire to serve only Me… For I Am Yours as are you Mine, and All Things I, did create… And you are the Greatest of My creations…and you are loved by Me… This is not a quote from a book, a lesson from a show, words sung in a choir nor is it from another place… No…this is from my man/woman self to all that desire to have what is given me all the days of my life, here on Mother Earth and in the Heavens above…for I know of places untold, unseen, and unspoken of that is for us…all of us that will make the choice in this life… I am no different that any other person on this earth, I am as you are…human… So I ask for you to pray and ask and then make your choice and just know I am waiting to take your hand and we can walk this journey together…we are one in the same…blood of blood…He is our Creator and father and we can go home if only we ask and truly desire Him…blessings always, until we share once more…
    Thu at 10:09 PM