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  • Elena Santini Fire ; Liberation, Destruction, Revealment, Illumination, Unification, Ressurection … Fire can liberate, destruction can liberate that which is held within forms, or bring atonement or unify that which is separated by veils.  Fire can illuminate, electrify and reveal that which is hidden.  Fire and Water can together or alone cause destruction, annihilation and obliteration both literal and occult. ( e.g destruction of past civilazations by fire and water ) <> Fire and Water can also cause purification, cleansing, regeneration, babtism and initiation. Fire can incinerate that which is offered on the altar of sacrifice. Some Fire is not extinguished by Water, and some Water does not extinguish fire. Air has qualities of cleansing , elimination and purification as well, refering to the airs of vitality in the ventricles in the head, that in connection with the fire of kundalini can activate into such functionings. As well there is ´death by air ´. <> Some Fire and Water are meant to be married , thus their union comes into fruitation in the sacred wedding chamber + - △ ▽ (☆) ✡ Before the day of the wedding preparations is made of red and white wine, to balance their refinements into a third perfect solution. <> The Serpent of Fire and the Fire of Right Knowledge burns away the veils of illusion. Behold the snakes of temptation and maya veiled in astral light. That which survives physical and metaphysical fire is imperishable.  That or Whom that riseth from fire, water and death into light and life is The Resurrected. <><><> Completion of △ Triple Fire Work , Micro and Macro Cosmic The merging of the higher triadic /monadic fire with the mental fire and lower fire of kundalini. <><><>   In the center of the Burning ground   In the center of the Burning ground, Reflected by the Circled Stars, Esoteric Aries occulted in Uranus. Fire, Will and Scrifice, In death and night, In day and light, In resurrection of Life, In Descendence, In ascendence of Spirit .   - Elena Santini  Permalink
    Jan 17