Time Line

Lightworkers.org is a Lightworker Social Network dedicated to the global ascension of consciousness. Lightworkers are co-creators with the Ascended Masters, Great Spirit and the Guardian Angels of Gaia, working with great love to facilitate the ongoing evolution and ascension of all life.


March 25th
Lightworkers.org Online Forum opened by Adeon.


March 25th - 1 year anniversary. 1097 Forum Members, 8,254 Posts. Av. 50 Unique Visitors Per day. Adeons Daughter Hailey Grace is Born. Shares same Birthdate as Lightworkers.org 1 year earlier. 


January 15th - Adeon, Peace and Divine Goddess merge Lightworkers.org and Worldofsouls.com.  Major site upgrade to Drupal CMS. Expanded functionality of website from forum to social network.

March 25th - 2nd Year Aniversary. 2850 Members, 17,561 Posts. Av. 170 Unique Visitors per day.


March 25th - 3rd Year Anniversary. 4415 Members, 31,751 Posts. Av. 320 Unique Visitors per day. Lovelight and Emmanuel join the Lightworkers Team.


March 25th - 4th Year Anniversary. 7,258 Members, 50,751 Posts. Av. 500 Unique Visitors per day.


March 25th - 5th Year Anniversary. 11,218 Members, 100,751 Posts. Av. 850 Unique Visitors per day.

May 12th - 1000 Unique Visitors in a day milestone


March 25th - 6th Year Anniversary. 18,734 Members, 226,516 Posts. Av. 1200 Unique Visitors per day.


March 25th - 7th Year Anniversary. 26,680 Members, 434,701 Posts. Av. 1750 Unique Visitors per day.

July 1st - 500,000 Posts and comments milestone


March 25th - 8th Year Anniversary. 32,353 Members, 851,162 Posts. Av. 2250 Unique Visitors per day.

November 11th - 1 Million Posts and comments milestone


March 25th - 9th Year Anniversary. 41,639 Members, 1,102,254 Posts. Av. 3350 Unique Visitors per day.

June 20th - 50,000 Members Milestone


March 25th - 10th Year Anniversary. 51,312 Members, 1,550,751 Posts. Av. 4550 Unique Visitors per day.

June 21st - 5000 Unique visitors in a day milestone. (Maximum reached)


March 25th - 11th Year Anniversary. 55,012 Members, 1,727,120 Posts. Av. 3360 Unique Visitors per day. First decline in growth.  Mobile Device access increases, traffic declines.  Lightworkers is not mobile ready! Oh Oh!


March 25th - 12th Year Anniversary. 57,583 Members, 1,880,534 Posts. Av. 2550 Unique Visitors per day.

Mobile Responsive Upgrade Fails due to heavy custom theme code deployed over previous 12 years.  Major upgrade required!


March 25th - 13th Year Anniversary. 12053 Members, 1,899,427 Posts. Av. 1650 Unique Visitors per day.

April 13th - Malware Attack Blacklists Lightworkers.org with Major Search Engines and Browsers.  Traffic plummets Av. 500 unique visitors per day. The 13th Cycle Demands Change!

May 1st - Fix & Repair Fails. Major Code Upgrade begins. 


February 2nd - Lightworkers 2.0 Deployed change over from the infected system to Closed Beta.  Traffic drops 300 unique visitors. Awarded clean bill of health by major search engines and browsers.

March 25th - 14th Year Anniversary. System Reset. All Past content moved to Legacy Archives from June 2016. Penny Butler and Arifur join the Lightworkers team.

June 22nd -  Lightworkers.org 2.0 Open Beta Begins!


November 11th - Lightworkers.org 2.0 Official Public Re-Launch.

Art By Pumayana

Special thanks to Pumayana Luminaya for the Amazing Artwork.

The Lightworkers Story

You are here because you are either a Seeker or a Teacher. You are either seeking to uncover the light within you, or you have discovered your divine light and desire to share and teach others how they too can find the light within and begin living a true authentic life as a lightworker.

This realisation has turned you toward the desire to give, to help, to offer your greatest love and light to the world as an act of divine service to others, service to the world, great spirit and those most in need.

Lightworker; A hue-man-being that lives their life in alignment with their divine light of consciousness in service to all the people, all the time.

Since 2003 we have been connecting Lightworkers all over the world by providing a safe online space to share, learn and grow.

Our mission is to connect 1million lightworkers worldwide to come together forming a great channel of Love & Light to manifest the new dreamtime of peace and prosperity for Gaia and ALL life on Earth.

As a community of Lightworkers we are dedicated to exploring the greatest spiritual potential of humanity and what it means to be a lightworker at this time.

Heartsoul by Pumayana

Within all aspects of creation there exists a living conscious force. All cultures recognise this force as divine. It has been given many names, the soul, spirit, higher self and I-AM presence to name a few. As Lightworkers, we refer to this aspect of self as the Light. A being that works with this light is considered a lightworker.


We are so grateful for your presence. You have found your joy, you are on your path and you are filled with purpose. Your mission is to spread the word and shine your light into the world. We are all teachers and students, we are all learning from each other. What you have to share is an important part of the divine plan for humanity and our world.

The Lightworkers.org academy is the place to do that! A place to create, share, teach and connect. It’s why you are here, and we would like to extend a giant warm loving welcome to all our amazing teachers and way showers.


All things happen for a reason. You being here right now reading this is no mistake.  And NO! You’re not crazy, despite the regular feelings of madness you may experience as you observe the world around you.  You may wonder, how could I have ever possibly chosen to be here? 

If these questions do not occupy your thoughts at this moment, chances are, they probably once did and you have since moved beyond them.  These are very interesting times we live in, and we are so blessed to be here.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell English essayist, novelist, & satirist (1903 - 1950).

If you are still experiencing those feelings of overwhelm and madness, don’t despair, it’s a phase all Lightworkers go through.  And if you think you’re here to save us all as the second coming, don’t despair either.  That’s also a phase lightworkers go through.  Both of these will pass.

YES you are indeed here for a reason!

Humanity is at a critical point in it’s evolutionary journey and despite your desire to return home to the stars, just hold off a moment!  Your love and light is needed right here.  Its why you came here remember. You heard the calling of Spirit.  You heard the calling of Gaia. You traveled the dreams of your many brother and sisters who now call this world home and you made a choice and here you were born.

It’s a powerful experience being in the physical form.  It’s a ride like no other.  This world of duality, of life and death, of love and hate,  of ego and spirit.

In these pages you will find your tribe, fellow Lightworkers, Star seeds, wanderers, dream walkers, visionaries, channels, wisdom teachers, bodhisattvas, masters, students and more.  A place to share, connect and shine your light.

Welcome to Lightworkers.org

We are an online spiritual community dedicated to bringing as much love and light into this world as possible.  We stand together, holding the light in the darkness, facing our collective fears and living our common dreams.

As conscious human beings we are all born perfect. Every being has within them the seed of divine awareness. Enlightenment is our true nature. Yet as co-creative beings, we have choice, free-will, to explore our full divine potential. This world is of humanities co-creation, a full expression of our self-destructive power. Self created self destruction!  Seems crazy right?  Humanity has fallen under a spell of mediocrity, given up it’s voice, spirit and hearts, allowing it self to be possessed and manipulated by visions of status, ego, war, domination, cheap thrills, sickness, judgement, conflict, anger, hatred and domination.

Humanity has allowed this to happen, by allowing the collective mind to be used and manipulated into creating it. As Lightworkers, we are co-creating a vision more suited to humanities evolving divine nature. We have a choice, to create the destruction of life under the spell, or by working with divine spirit we can share the co-creation of a new living dreamtime.

Nelson Mandala on Education

Share your dream

“Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime..” This old saying is also true of our intent. We wish to learn and teach people how to fish. Our vision is for all of humanity to learn these same supportive lessons. Our intent is to facilitate an awakening for all humanity, to enlighten and awaken that fire within all of us, to broaden the scope of human perception, to see across the dimensions and enact our role in co-creating a future beyond our dreams. Working with our inner light, our guides, and each other, we collaborate to bring about something more wonderful than that which we alone could not envision.

Lets do this!

Some people look at the world and feel depressed. Yet others seem joyful and happy. With our thoughts and intentions we are creating our future. Every Lightworker, including you the reader, and every being that is the wheel of humanity, has within them the co-creative power to channel the spirit of the divine to manifest life and the systems to support and enhance it. It is our very nature to manifest abundance for life to flourish and grow in love and joy.

Crux by Pumayana

Throughout the year all Lightworkers come together in synchronized meditation. During this meditation we connect within the earth heart, across the world, we unite with Gaia, where we invoke our divine guides, helpers, masters, angels and any other conscious entities who wish to assist us in this awakening process. As Lightworkers we are natural channels of spirit, and with our guides we channel the energy as a group, with combined intent and focus, we build a rainbow bridge across multiple dimensions. Once achieved, this bridge becomes the highway for divine consciousness to manifest within our dimensional realm.

The choices we make

We live in a democratic multi-verse. The collective vision prevails and creates that which we focus on. You can join us, assist in this great work and become a player in the game of creation. You can choose the status quo, you can choose to doubt yourself, you can choose to surrender and give up your divine essence, or you can choose to be what you truly are. A divine co-creator, a hand of god. An artisan of the highest kind, who paints upon the canvas of life with brush strokes of love, compassion, joy, gratitude, tolerance and celebration. You can join us in our vision, our mission, by adding your intent to our spiritual circle. And know that when you become a player, the universe recognizes this, and gives you the chips to play the game. You will get the support, experience the visions, experience the connections and the miracles. You will see the changes take place within yourself. For all magic, all blessings pass through the one who directs them. And that is you. This is the leap of faith, that is rewarded with faithless knowing. This is the leap we all must make at some point in our evolution.

New Earth by Pumayana

Creating Heaven on Earth

Welcome Home