The Cosmic Lattice! Your UNLIMITED UNIVERSAL POWER! Very Important!!!

Posted by steven hutchinson
I wanted to share with you the Universal Cosmic Lattice. This information is credited from Lee Carroll's channeling of Kryon The Magnetic Master. I invite you to review this powerful information. It is esoteric, beautiful, benevolent, and simply a powerhouse of information. The Universal Cosmic Lattice is the most powerful energy in the Universe. It is what is found in the electron haze. It is the blackness that is found between the stars. It is what holds your cells together. It is responsible for universal balance. It provides free energy everywhere in the Universe when called upon. It is responsible for Twin flame communication. It is responsible for creating manifestations and sycronicities. It is the missing energy that scientists call dark matter. It is responsible for creating energy vibration. There are many great attributes, but the most profound is that it responds directly to your human intent. You are most powerful in the universe and I will show you! Come take this journey to discover your ultimate, unlimited universal power! For a potential business opportunity and FREE mentorship visit Come join the conversation in our Facebook Group. Here is the link to join
Posted November 20, 2018 - Filed in Wisdom Teachings
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