Archangelic Healing Chamber Webinar By Natalie Glasson

Posted by steven hutchinson
This is Part 1 of a 3 part webinar that Natalie Glasson has gifted us with. This 1st part is free and blesses us with the powerful healing energy of the Archangels & the Creator, and helps awaken our own healing energy within our heart. You are invited to allow yourself to be transported to the inner planes of the Creator’s Universe to three sacred Healing Chambers to receive a powerful transmission of healing, light, love and consciousness. Whether you have a situation in your life you wish to transform, an area of your physical body that causes suffering, a manifestation you wish to create, or you feel stuck and unclear - these three Healing Chambers are available to help you manifest the healing you need. While each Healing Chamber will offer a unique and potent healing transmission, experiencing the three Healing Chambers can promote a powerful shift within you, manifesting your fulfilment and Divine Truth. Begin a journey of healing, creation and manifestation with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and the Celestial White Beings. Each community of beings will share with you meditations, techniques, wisdom and sacred energies to support your healing, transformation and further spiritual awakening. Open yourself to receive the wealth of sacred energies, support and assistance available to you now. Create a shift within your being and life allowing you to release that which limits you and embrace the abundance and essence of your being waiting to be embodied. Allow yourself to receive the powerful healing transmission of three sacred communities as they guide you and share their truth. The Archangels will support experiences of liberation ... the Ascended Masters will guide you to further embrace divine union ... and the Celestial White Beings will promote your inner experience of bliss. Before the webinar begins please contemplate that which you wish to shift, transform, bring healing to or reawaken within your physical body, reality and/ or ascension. To enjoy, purchase, and download Parts 2 & 3 of Natalie's healing webinar series called "Healing Chambers" - click on this link: And if you enjoyed Natalie's healing meditation video with the Archangels, please give us a thumbs up. Thank you. Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to all of you, Steven Hutchinson
Posted November 26, 2018
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