Another Massive Surge of Conscious Creativity Poured Out of Me Today... and Here It Is! Written, Recorded, Produced and Mastered within 5 hours :) #CreatorMassiveDerekGee [intro] Yeah... Derek Gee... Gonna kick it on the mic... Uuhh! [V1] You thought you knew You think you know Just how a conscious being flows And grows into the fantasies and harmonies and memories of ancient times that came to be Under the skies, within the seas The infinite eternity of energy that flows with me Gives me power you can't see with the naked eye... [but try] Cuz this is why I came to you [uhh] and this is why I sing to you [uhh] and this is why I bring to you [uhh] The knowledge in my cries So take the time to understand and comprehend the vision man and take the wisdom from my hand it's filled with shining light The sight and might is consciousness and karma helps you pass the test With guided flight and deep insight we resonate the world with light I AM, You Are... ALL the Rest We bless the Starry Night [oooo] [HOOK] Just tellin' it how it is... You ain't gotta like it... Uhh, get this show on the road... Word. [V2] Here we go again my friend round and round and round again Into the future from the past But how much longer will it last before we wake humanity So we can live in harmony eternally forever free under the Starry Night We just might find the alchemy that sets us free from bondage and this slavery, remove the cloak So we can see and maybe be a better source of harmony Wonder why you want you see? Let it go and flow until you grow into infinity [oooo] [HOOK] Yeah... it hurts... But you love it anyway... [V3] Madness has this world locked down and pound for pound it's underground Hidden by the masters crown No one ever makes a sound Cuz when they do, it's over yo they disappear your ass ya'know and so the story goes to show Perception keeps them in control They make you see their fantasies Believe in their hypocrisies and mold the mass reality into the common cold It's sickness spreading like disease keeps us crawling on our knees Washing brains for centuries it's really getting old. [HOOK] Ya'll need to wake up.... and see the big picture... It's all around you... One more verse... Knowledge! [V4] Maybe.... I should slow it down Take my time... pass the blunt around Sit back and watch... not make a sound Keep to myself and let the world go round But that's not me as you can see... I got flow and creativity Philosophy and Geometric Game And SacredLife is my mo'fuckin' name So step right up... Learn the truth, if you can cuz I won't be here forever man [ha!] Take it as it comes... do your best and ya might not wind up like the rest Pass the test... we'll be on our way to a nicer, brighter, warmer day Where we can say "No need to fight" We all come from the Starry Night. [oooo] [outro] You can't give me that mic... I got too much to say.... and I'll spit this shit all day! Word. ÐΞRΞK ĢΞΞ - "To argue with a man who has renounced his reason is like giving medicine to the dead." - Thomas Paine
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